Adeva – Utilizing Technology for Betterment

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Katerina Trajchevska, the CEO of Adeva, is one of the individuals who deeply understands the importance of education in society. In a world with many knowledgeable leaders, she recognizes the value of education and its benefits. Education empowers individuals to create and share knowledge, learn new skills, and contribute to where those skills are needed the most. Katerina Trajchevska is driven by a strong desire to assist those in need of guidance.

In this interview with the CEO of Adeva, we will delve into Katerina Trajchevska’s background and personality.

Give us a brief overview of your company and what inspired you to start Adeva.

Adeva is a distributed network of software experts that aims to enable work without limitations. With our network spanning over 30 countries, we are passionate advocates of remote work.

Adeva provides long-term remote opportunities for tech talent worldwide, helping businesses rapidly scale their technical teams while reducing hiring costs.

My partner and I started our careers as independent engineers, which presented us with unique challenges compared to traditional 9-5 jobs. Finding the right project requires significant time and effort, along with a different set of skills.

This realization led us to recognize that many individuals are limited to local opportunities and struggle to find remote work. That’s what inspired us to start Adeva, to help people like us enjoy the flexibility of remote work without compromising the stability of a full-time job.

What are the specific products or services that your company focuses on? How do you differentiate your services from others in the market?

Adeva assists businesses in rapidly and flexibly scaling their teams to meet changing needs and achieve milestones. We work closely with them to identify, evaluate, and hire top-notch tech talent.

What sets Adeva apart is our strong commitment to the community. We continuously invest in our local communities and go the extra mile to attract the best talent. This enables us to ramp up entire teams within a single weekend when faced with tight deadlines. Moreover, we strive to be a trusted talent partner, consistently providing a steady flow of talent to businesses in need.

Tell us a bit about your team.

Our core team consists of twenty employees working across various domains, including engineering, marketing, talent, and client operations. Although our team is currently small, our leadership is dedicated to refining core processes, fostering a purpose-driven culture, and creating growth opportunities for our staff. I am immensely proud to have such a team that is fully committed to creating an environment where our employees and community members can thrive and advance their careers.

Please share your professional experience with us.

I started my journey as a freelance software engineer in 2012, together with a colleague who is now my partner at Adeva. Freelancing provided us with access to more exciting opportunities when the tech scene in our country was not yet mature. Over time, we began to receive more projects than the two of us could handle, and that organic growth led us to establish Adeva.

As an engineer and now the CEO of Adeva, I have worked with a wide range of companies, from startups to enterprises. My work primarily involves building scalable software and setting up and leading engineering teams.

In addition to Adeva, I am passionate about remote work and inclusivity. I volunteer in organizations that align with my values, mentor others, and contribute to giving back.

What are the significant achievements in your business journey?

Firstly, after launching Adeva, we expanded our reach to global markets and welcomed new members into our community. We then became a talent partner to several notable Fortune 500 companies, assisting them in fostering innovation through more flexible scaling.

Another noteworthy achievement is being recognized by Women in Tech as the most



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