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The consulting industry is undergoing expansion, with numerous esteemed professionals and leaders offering exceptional services. In the face of intense competition, businesses must gain an advantage and earn the trust of the market to become unstoppable.

In a private interview, we had the opportunity to speak with Tania (Riahi) Amar and learn more about her career path and CXP Consulting.

The ever-evolving trends, methods, and speed of the competition often overwhelm businesses and their executives. This dynamic environment separates the top players, as the market ultimately determines the success of any product or service. However, it is the leadership of a company, rather than its products, that truly drives its success.

Could you provide an overview of CXP Consulting and what inspired you to establish the company?

At CXP Consulting, our team primarily works with CEOs who aspire to elevate their businesses to the next level. Whether they need to secure funding, expand into new markets or countries, or introduce new products, these CEOs understand the importance of developing a robust business strategy and successfully implementing it to drive significant progress.

Located in Israel, known as the “Startup Nation” with a thriving technology ecosystem, CXP Consulting aims to collaborate with innovative businesses that have the potential to make a profound impact and even save lives through numerous MedTech companies. However, many of these companies fail to realize their extraordinary potential. Thus, we felt compelled to take action and partner with these businesses to help them unlock their full capabilities and change the world.

What unique services does CXP Consulting offer?

CXP Consulting typically embarks on an engaging journey with the executive team of a company.

The journey begins with the Assessment Benchmark, where we thoroughly examine the company’s position in relation to market dynamics, competing solutions, and most importantly, the priorities of their target customers. This deep-dive assessment provides a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of the company, including its go-to-market strategy, lead generation, sales execution, product development, customer support, and more. Following this stage, we provide the client with a detailed set of strategic recommendations, guiding them on where to focus their business efforts for maximum impact.

The next step focuses on translating these strategic recommendations into specific, actionable activities that will propel the business forward. Leveraging our expertise in persuasive communication and storytelling, both Alon Laor and I, the founders of CXP Consulting, help create a comprehensive messaging book that enables our clients to stand out in their competitive markets with compelling storytelling.

The third step, guided by Alon, is all about execution. He integrates the strategic messaging book into the customer-facing teams, equipping them with the necessary tools and strategies to influence positive decisions during customer interactions. Alon emphasizes the importance of assembling the best “sales machine” and providing the team with the appropriate resources to achieve their goals efficiently and swiftly. In this process, Alon employs the T.O.P (Technics of Persuasion) methodology exclusively developed by CXP Consulting.

T.O.P (Technics of Persuasion) is a comprehensive approach that encompasses various persuasion techniques, including body language analysis, behavioral “cold-reading,” overcoming resistance, utilizing neurolinguistic patterns, and employing innovative negotiation strategies. By mastering these techniques, individuals can significantly enhance their persuasive power and communication effectiveness for ethical purposes.

CXP Consulting is widely recognized in the market for its down-to-earth approach and commitment to delivering tangible results, which leads to recurring projects and satisfied clients.

Tell us about the team at CXP Consulting.

I founded CXP Consulting after more than two decades of executive experience in the Corporate and Venture Capital sectors. Throughout my career, I served as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for global multibillion-dollar high-tech corporations such as NICE Systems, Click Software (acquired by Salesforce), and JVP



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