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Drug organisations encounter a variety of business, functional, and specialised challenges that are further complicated by local and global administrative requirements. Drug counselling businesses, like those in other businesses, collaborate closely with organisations to help manage and resolve complicated issues while adhering to those requirements.

The CEO of PDC Pharma Strategy, Penelope Przekop, is highlighted in this issue. 

Please tell us about your professional experience.

I’m an expert in corporate quality administration as well as a writer of essays. Throughout my 30-plus year career, I have worked for and at numerous biotech and pharmaceutical organisations, where I have consistently stood fast on my initiative. Various Big Pharma companies, including Glaxo Smith Kline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, and Wyeth, as well as medium and small biotech, pharma, and selling companies, were included in these. I founded and still lead PDC Pharma Strategy.

I have a BSc. in natural sciences, which led me to begin my career in pre-clinical testing. I had the opportunity to receive general education in quality affirmation while working in the lab. I became ready for a change into that position around a year later. I advanced gradually through several cutting-edge work settings, always placing a priority on consistency, quality assurance, and the executives.

I obtained an MS in quality frameworks creating after learning about the study of value the board in the latter half of the 1990s. At that moment, my profession began to take on a more glaring focus. I developed a passion for the value that the science that had been proven to produce outstanding results could bring to all facets of pharma, and I still have that passion today.

I also wrote 5-Star Career: Define and Build Yours Using the Science of Quality Management (Productivity Press) and Six Sigma for Business Excellence (McGraw-Hill). With my girlfriend Phoebe Horak, I co-founded Bra in a Box in 2018, which has been featured in Real Simple and New York Magazine.

Tell us about your company and how it fits within the current pharmaceutical sector.

PDC Pharma Strategy is a consulting company that provides assistance to the expertly managed pharmaceutical sector. We develop and implement risk-based techniques that support full global administrative consistency throughout the product lifecycle and medication improvement interaction.

We place a special emphasis on collaborating with clients at the fundamental level as early in the drug development as is practical to start developing administrative consistency procedures that can flawlessly scale and change with the direction, turns, and additional turns that come, as we all fully anticipate they will.

We also collaborate with organisations at various phases of the pharmaceutical improvement cycle to identify gaps and recommend methods for enhancing efficacy, documentation, and consistency. This wide range of activities supports the industry’s overarching goal of ensuring public health while simultaneously fostering the development of new safe, effective pharmaceutical products.

The goal of PDC Pharma’s strategy is to assist pharma and biotech companies in developing and implementing reasonable, efficient, and flexible quality and consistency methodologies and cycles that ensure patient security and information respectability while also advancing corporate goals.

What strategy would you use to advance the company?

The organisation required new systems as a result of the significant mechanical advancements that began in the middle to late 1990s. It was a typical movement, and the pharmaceutical industry recognised the need for fresh approaches to finance, corporate design, human resources, the production network, data innovation, and functional cycles.

However, one fundamental area of necessary change—administrative consistency—was neglected. In general, the quality and consistency strategies of the 1980s and 1990s persisted despite the rest of the industry evolving into the 2022 pharma landscape that exists today.

This industry gap became so clear that I couldn’t stop thinking about how and why it came to be, how it may be filled, and how to more likely adjust quality and consistency approaches to the current business scenario. PDC Pharma Strategy was created when my professional advantages and the counselling job became more focused on quality and consistency technique, despite the fact that I began my counselling career in 2008.

I began to realise that I had developed the wide range of skills necessary to assist businesses and organisations foster innovative administrative consistency systems to ensure consistency while also becoming more adaptable, proficient, and viable given changes that have led to an extremely different industry scene than the one I joined in the latter part of the 1980s.

Why is it believed that the labour force plays a crucial role in the growth of every business? Tell us about your group if it’s not too much effort.

A PDC Pharma Strategy for Whose Employer addresses that organisation and improves its way of life as well as its ability to uphold and carry out its mission and vision. Making room for that mindset and culture should start at the top and find a way to flow through each layer and component of the association. The harder it is to accomplish, the larger the association.

The study of executive value provides proven guidance for that test. Numerous pioneers not understanding the importance of building the foundation for this when the organisation is young and more modest is one of the main challenges. Once anything has reached its full maturity, as it were, changing it into what you believe it should be much harder.

A group of under ten people work for the retail counselling company PDC Pharma Strategy. I adore working with and mentoring talented young people because they provide a fresh perspective and possess specialised skills that complement my in-depth and comprehensive industry knowledge. It’s a fantastic organisation for coming up with original solutions to deal with long-term change.

I’ve outlined a culture of teamwork, education, creativity, and competence. Therefore, experience is excellent in terms of fulfilling expectations in the short to midterm. PDC Pharma Strategy offers a sizable network of highly qualified industry experts that may collaborate, if necessary, to meet the needs of our clients. PDC Pharma Strategy values business experience with a hint of development and a lot of foresight.

What is your leading assertion?

This is an extreme question because I love making statements and writing essays. I’ll offer a quote from Dan Millman, a former title contender, vaulting coach, combative methods instructor, schoolteacher, and author of 16 books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior (which was adapted for the big screen in 2006). These remarks had an impression on me. They typically trigger a memory for me while I’m making decisions, especially when it comes to personal affairs.

The decision entails giving up all traces of what you need in favour of something else that you need more.



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