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MEC Workshop - Assisting Businesses To Achieve Incredible Results | Enterprise Wired

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Every business, regardless of its size, needs to expand its services or products to a specific market or audience. A select group of people who demand the supply is provided with it based on their demand. Market research typically consists of two stages. First, some businesses do not need to target a specific market because their product or service can be used by all types of consumers. Second, some businesses have limited demand and cater to a specific audience.

Online Marketing Firm MEC Workshop

We have come across an online marketing firm that fits this description. MEC Workshop was established in 1996 in Beirut, where it initially offered internet marketing services, including digital marketing, applications, e-commerce, NFT marketing, tokenization, and on-the-ground marketing based on reliable market data.

With the digitization of marketing, both buyers and sellers have found traditional marketing to be more user-friendly. Internet marketing has become a dominant global force since the rise of digitalization.

As for the responsibilities of an entrepreneur, in my opinion, an entrepreneur encompasses everyone working for a company, including accountants, business development officers, creative thinkers, financial experts, and salespeople. An entrepreneur takes on various roles to ensure the success of the business and the realization of its goals and vision. They do everything in their power to expand the company while serving as a mentor to all employees, inspiring them to perform better and sharing their vision.

Regarding my professional experience, I started my entrepreneurial journey in 1996 by establishing MEC Workshop in a small office within my father’s business, despite having limited financial resources. Over the past 26 years, I have faced numerous obstacles, but I have remained dedicated to the goal of the MEC Workshop. I have worked hard to develop my skills and contribute value and solutions to every challenge we encountered. As a team leader, I have instilled a belief in my team that anything is possible with the right attitude and commitment. This has allowed us to build a strong and resilient team.

One of the key achievements in my entrepreneurial journey is my discipline. I have remained focused and disciplined in conducting business and approaching clients, which has shaped who I am today. With a combination of skills, action, and belief, I have achieved 100 percent success in my endeavors.

Taking care of my employees is important to me, and I consider them as part of my family. We have close emotional ties, and I believe that by recognizing and supporting their growth, both professionally and personally, they will have a sense of belonging. They become spokespersons for the business, and our strength lies in sticking together, encouraging one another, and working as a team to find solutions. By reducing the fear of failure, I have pushed the MEC Workshop team to exceed expectations and view every error and setback as an opportunity for growth.

MEC Workshop was founded in 1996 in Beirut with limited financial backing. Initially, I took on multiple roles within the company, including salesperson, accountant, and graphic designer. The launch of the Badaro Phone book provided the opportunity for MEC Workshop to showcase its capabilities in advertising and marketing. As the company evolved and relied on dial-up internet and phone conversations, I also collaborated with freelancers to support our projects.

One of the challenges I faced was proving our expertise and outperforming competitors who entered the market later, especially with the global introduction of COVID-19 in 2020. However, we were already experienced in remote work, and the technology provided during the pandemic increased the value of our services. With businesses facing budget constraints and staff reductions, we became a full-service cloud agency without overhead costs, offering value and structure to our clients. Over the past 26 years, MEC Workshop has grown and now has offices in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, serving both startups and large corporations globally.

Our company’s products and services are constantly evolving to meet customer needs and market trends. This sets us apart from the competition. Initially, we focused on below-the-line (BTL) marketing and worked as white-label partners for agencies, hence the name MEC Workshop. Later, we ventured into experiential marketing, providing unique customer experiences that extend from the client’s office to their customers. Currently, our core services include online marketing, such as digital marketing, apps, e-commerce, NFT marketing, tokenization, etc., combined with on-ground marketing supported by solid market insights from our research team. Our initiatives and services are always customer-centric.



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