Statum Systems – Enhancing Medical Communication for the Better

Statum Systems - Enhancing Medical Communication for the Better | Enterprise Wired

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The field of systemized medical communication has been facing increasing challenges for a while, but only a few businesses have acknowledged this issue and taken steps to develop viable solutions. Statum Systems, led by Fred Lizza, is among the select group that has discovered an ideal solution to address this serious problem in the healthcare industry.

Statum Systems is a healthcare technology start-up founded by members of the Boston medical community. Recognizing the fragmented state of medical communication systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities, particularly the continued use of outdated pagers and specialized software and hardware that require care team members to switch between multiple systems, they set out to find a solution.

Statum Systems developed StatumHEALTH

To address this problem, Statum Systems developed StatumHEALTHtm, a unified medical communications, and collaboration (UCC) platform that streamlines workflows for care team members and prioritizes better patient care. Additionally, they created an optional ID badge holder called StatumCONNECTtm, which can receive pager signals and transmit them wirelessly to the user’s smartphone. This innovative gadget replaces traditional pagers without sacrificing the reach and reliability of pager-frequency communications.

StatumHEALTH also collects comprehensive information on medical communications, analyzes it, and identifies ways to enhance workflow, patient care, and financial performance. As StatumHEALTH gathers more data and employs AI-based tools and predictive analytics in future releases, the significance of this data-driven component of their service will continue to grow.

The initial response to Statum Systems in the market has been overwhelmingly positive. Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals who have seen their solution are highly interested in adopting it. This is due to the accumulation of numerous specialized and single-purpose communication systems in hospitals over the past two decades. These systems lack interoperability, only cover specific aspects of patient care, and require care team members to switch between various systems.

The leadership team at Statum Systems is a perfect blend of technologists and medical specialists. While the CEO, SVP of Corporate Development, and Advisory Board members have extensive experience in starting and expanding technology-based businesses, several of the co-founders bring valuable medical expertise to the table.

The strain that COVID has placed on hospital staff has highlighted the urgent need for medical facilities to upgrade their IT infrastructure. The medical UCC solutions provided by Statum Systems enforce HIPAA and security compliance, expedite bed turnover, reduce communication-based errors and delays, and streamline care team procedures. The transformation of medical communication infrastructure from disparate point solutions to integrated platforms mirrors similar trends in various other industries.

StatumHEALTH holds a competitive advantage due to three key capabilities that set it apart from other competitors:

Delivery of low-frequency broadcast pager messages directly to smartphones.

A patient-centric architecture that facilitates synchronous and asynchronous dialogue among healthcare professionals. An enterprise-scale unified medical messaging and collaboration platform, offering more than just a single-purpose messaging system. Statum Systems ensures reliable message reception by utilizing a variety of communication channels, including direct pager message reception through StatumCONNECT, which allows low-frequency pager messages to be received on smartphones. They have also designed their architecture with a patient-centered approach, enabling all members of the patient’s care team to access and contribute to synchronous and asynchronous conversations.

According to Statum Systems, the healthcare IT market is entering a phase where constrained, single-purpose medical communications systems will gradually be replaced by unified medical communications and collaboration systems. After years of investing in specialized systems, this transition to UCCs will simplify learning and onboarding processes for team members, streamline workflows, enhance communication, and ultimately improve patient care, bed turnover, and reduce errors. This cycle aligns with similar transitions observed in other mature markets where specialized systems were phased out in favor of integrated platforms and suites.

Fred Lizza, the CEO of Statum Systems, is an experienced leader in his field. He has previously served as CEO of six software-based technology companies, guiding them through IPOs, secondary public offerings, and successful acquisitions. With a track record of introducing innovative products in AI, ERP, eCommerce, and supply chain markets, Fred brings valuable expertise to lead Statum Systems to success.



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