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The tech sphere has been consistently evolving for the past two decades. With the emergence of technology like Blockchain, business leaders have widened access to data that helps in creating trust and enables better decision-making. Such technology helps business leaders to achieve disruptive actions in operations that are carried out within the organization.

They are always on the lookout for such technologies. One such leader is Anuj Kumar Garg, Head of Blockchain at ZebPay. He has extensive experience 23 years in the Information technology (IT) sector and has been successful in transforming businesses via technology. He is a Blockchain expert and coach who helps several exciting Blockchain startups to grow and has taught 1000+ students about Blockchain technology to achieve their dream careers. 

Triumphant Journey

Anuj’s journey began in 2000 in DCM Technologies as a trainee, as he worked on a 32-bit Engine control system. Later, he joined Daewoo Telecom and got an opportunity to code and test telecommunication protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). He then worked at ST Microelectronics in the space of ADSL modems and audio/video codecs.

In 2007, he took up the role of a project manager at Infosys, after completing his PMP certification. In 2009, he joined IBM and spent 13 years in various leadership roles starting from Program Manager to Global Delivery Executive, Transformation leader, and eventually Blockchain and Automation leader. In February 2022, he joined ZebPay as a Vice President of Blockchain.

As the tech leader, Anuj is devoted to leveraging the resources available at his expense to create secure, transparent, and innovative Blockchain-enabled solutions. He pictures a future where digital assets become an integral part of everyday transactions that give financial freedom to individuals. He sees Blockchain technology as an integral part of a human journey starting from digital identity to health records, supply chains, tokenization of real-world assets, and much more. He wants to educate and enable people to achieve financial freedom with the help of cryptocurrencies and related investments with the support of the best technology. 

Learning is the Philosophy

Anuj’s leadership is rooted in empowerment and collaboration with a focus on innovation. He encourages diverse perspectives and nurtures talent. When strategizing, he promotes creative solutions from his employees. Constant learning and mentorship are vital for him as a leader. Via this approach, he tries to unlock the full potential of an individual and team to achieve appreciable results. 

As a technology leader, Anuj’s decisions are guided by innovation and a deep commitment to leveraging cutting-edge solutions to drive meaningful impact. He emphasizes staying ahead of the curve, especially in technology matters like Blockchain, AI, and Automation. He believes in nurturing an environment of creativity and empowers teams to come up with groundbreaking ideas. He follows the guiding principle of being ethical, transparent, and humble. 

Growth is the Aim

ZebPay has 6 million registered users. It is India’s oldest crypto exchange which pioneered Bitcoin trading. The company has grown exponentially and has added features to improve the trading engine exponentially. In 2020, after the Indian Supreme Court gave a green signal to crypto exchanges, the company expanded to Singapore and Australia. The company has added product offerings, and enhanced security measures, and prioritized educating users about blockchain and crypto’s transformative potential. The evolution focuses on building a reliable platform that empowers individuals in the Web3 ecosystem. 

Robust Security Wins Consumers Trust

ZebPay envisions accelerating the mass adoption of crypto assets and blockchain technology in India and beyond. It can attract top blockchain talent and commit to mentoring and fostering the Web3 ecosystem. It is devoted to providing the simplest possible platform to trade crypto. It offers the safest security measures in the industry which have been a trusted pillar since the inception of the company. The company offers Customer support 24*7. A culture of creativity and experimentation prevails that advocates ZebPay’s position as a pivotal player. 

Challenges are a Daily Affair

As a tech industry leader, Anuj faces challenges day in and day out. ZebPay works in a highly competitive environment. A challenge for the team is coming up with new ideas and exercising the same. In the last 6 months, the company has been able to add many new features at a fast pace.

Another challenge is to make sure that the team and Anuj get accustomed to new skills and fast-track the pace with innovations in AI and data science. Anuj also works with startups regularly. So another challenge for him is to resolve the technical issues and put those startups on the growth trajectory. Due to authority and good connections in the industry, he has been able to grow and innovate for these startups. 

Secure and User-friendly Crypto Platform

Being at the forefront of blockchain innovation in India the best achievement of ZebPay according to Anuj is to provide secure and user-friendly platforms that make investing easy for both, novice and experienced investors. The company stresses educating and fostering blockchain literacy. It aims to implement mass adoption through awareness and trust-building initiatives. CryptoPacks is an innovative feature that allows users to invest in thematic portfolios at the click of a button.

The company takes pride in being the only major crypto exchange in India to provide a feature like this. This feature has been a winner since its launch as it allows crypto enthusiasts to diversify their portfolio with ease. Soon, the company will be integrating a futuristic platform and spot limits in the ZebPay application. 

The OHANA Concept

ZebPay has a lean and agile team, comprising 139 members. A much free-flowing and thriving work environment prevails that nurtures the growth of new and innovative ideas. It follows the Hawaiian OHANA concept which means everyone is treated like family. New ideas and execution are highly appreciated in the company at all times.

As a blockchain expert, Anuj encourages the team to think unconventionally to come up with applications of disruptive technologies. The company collaborates with startups, academia, and industry experts to stay ahead of the curve. By fostering an environment of rewarding creative thinking, the company leads in Crypto and Blockchain innovation. The company tries to be the best in following innovative trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, DevOps, Security, and other tech areas. 

New Learnings and Development

Two elements that are imperative for Anuj are continuous learning and personal development. He voluntarily tries to understand emerging trends by attending conferences, publishing literature, and partnering with academic institutions. Being passionate about knowledge sharing, he began mentoring and coaching in top educational institutes. Currently pursuing PhD in Blockchain Technology and learning the integration of Blockchain / AI / IOT / Quantum computing, upskilling is a continuous process.

Associations with IITs, and IIMs and delivering lectures on online platforms, he spreads the possessed knowledge related to Blockchain Technologies. ZebPay has not pursued any significant mergers or acquisitions. The company’s strategy is built on implementing a lean and reliable platform that can withstand the test of time in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. The company is fixated on developing durable capabilities in-house and nurturing expertise within the team. This gravitates to the transformative potential across the workforce. 

Gained Authenticity 

As mainstream adoption increases, the acceptance of blockchain and the crypto industry is rapidly evolving. The Government of India has set up Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) for regulation of crypto exchanges and ZebPay is one of the registered exchanges with FIU. The company stays ahead by continuously innovating product offerings, providing best-in-class security, and educating users about transformative technology. The focus is on creating a reliable platform for users in the Web3 ecosystem. The company envisions a platform where it is not only a trading platform but a financial advisor that can empower users to make better investment decisions.  

Giving Back to the Society

ZebPay believes it has immense potential to drive a positive societal impact. It aims to leverage this transformational tech to promote financial inclusion, transparency, and democratization of access to digital assets. By imparting secure transactions, the company creates an equitable and trustworthy financial ecosystem for all. Bitcoin and the larger Crypto ecosystem have the potential to create generational wealth. The company believes that this opportunity is democratically presented to all its users, as it is linked to smart investing decisions. 

“As businesses, we have a responsibility to contribute to a positive and sustainable future.”


His experiences depict that with innovation and technological transformations, the key lies in embracing forward-thinking solutions that create long-term value. It includes implementing eco-friendly practices, investing in clean energy, or leveraging technologies like blockchain to promote transparency and traceability across supply chains. Businesses can prioritize environmental and social impact alongside profitability, and build the road to a better tomorrow. It’s a win-win approach that demands a shift in mindset but promises immense rewards.   

Notable Patents and Research Papers 

Some of the patents and research papers by Anuj – 

1. Blockchain Data Archive


2. Blockchain Selective World State Database


3. Management of Shared Authentication Credentials


4. AarogyaCoin: Incentivizing Preventive Healthcare Through Blockchain


5. Blockchain-Based Online Education Content Ranking 


6. Blockchain-Based SLA Framework and Management under Multi-Cloud Infrastructure 


7. Blockchain Powered Vaccine Efficacy for Pharma Sector


Few Valuable start-ups mentored by Anuj – 

Grus & Grade – Agritech startup working on Agri supply chain and fintech solutions using Blockchain / AI and IOT at its core and bringing efficiency and traceability

Toyow – Toyow represents an NFT platform with a variety of content including art, movies, and music. The platform is ultra-rich in features and super fast with the support of fiat purchases.

Mythyaverse – Mythyaverse in a Blockchain as a service startup with an exciting no-code platform for automated supply chains. Mythyaverse also has expertise in AR / VR / AI and has a product line on mental health, placement preparation, and spiritual wellness.

Jumbo Blockchain – Jumbo Blockchain is fast, cost-effective, eco-friendly Layer 1 Blockchain. 


Astute Algo – Astute Algo is an algo trading company that allows your crypto assets to multiply irrespective of bear or bull trend. 

Pearls of Wisdom

Some pieces of wisdom shared by Anuj for aspiring entrepreneurs: 

“I advise aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to stay curious, embrace innovation wholeheartedly, and have a commitment to continuous learning. Surround yourself with diverse perspectives, build resilience to navigate challenges, and always strive to create value that positively impacts people’s lives. With passion, perseverance, and a growth mindset, you can turn your vision into reality.

As an aspiring leader, take calculated risks, maintain integrity, embrace failures, balance vision and execution, and build a very strong team of achievers. Most importantly, leadership is a journey, not a destination. Stay humble, stay curious, and always strive to be the best version of yourself.”



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