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Business leaders often possess expertise in their subject matter but lack clarity on the best path forward. This is when seeking external guidance becomes paramount. Outsourcing is a strategic move that allows businesses to tap into external experience, gaining insights on navigating challenges and achieving success. However, choosing who to seek help from is pivotal, as not all truly deliver what they promise. Through decades of hands-on experience, a leader can genuinely contribute to the growth of others. It is through decades of hands-on experience that a leader can genuinely contribute to the growth of others. 

One such visionary is Phil Bristol. He is a seasoned leader and the guiding force behind Projectivity Solutions, a leader in the strategic and business consultancy sphere. 

From Military Precision to Corporate Strategy

Phil Bristol’s journey into management was sparked by Admiral Rickover’s influence on the Polaris nuclear submarine development. In the late 1960s, as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, he attended the Department of Defense (DOD) Project and Program Management training program. Assigned to key roles across the globe, from Frankfurt, FRG, to Seoul, ROK, Phil applied project management techniques in various contexts.

After leaving the US Army in 1984, Phil entered the corporate arena as a strategic systems consultant for an international pharmaceutical company. He later became the manufacturing systems manager before founding Projectivity Solutions, Inc. From 1990 to 1997, at Syntex Corporation, Phil honed his leadership and project management skills, serving as the international strategic systems planning officer and director of manufacturing systems.

Pioneering Organizational Excellence across Continents

Founded in 1997, Projectivity Solutions emerged with a mission to deliver top-tier project management services initially tailored for custom home builders in Palo Alto, CA. The company’s inception was marked by a strategic focus on designing and executing intricate projects for renowned entities such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, New United Motors (NUMMI), and Eddie Bauer. Evolving over time, Projectivity Solutions transitioned from serving Fortune 500 giants to catering to the needs of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations with a workforce of 500 or fewer employees. The clientele spans across geographies, with a substantial presence in the United States, Europe, and India.

Renowned globally as a trailblazer in accelerating organizational performance, Projectivity Solutions employs a unique approach. It conducts assessments to gauge organizational complexity, assisting CEOs in objectively identifying strengths and challenges that impact customer experience and service quality. This method establishes a common language and knowledge base within leadership teams and employees, seamlessly integrating culture, interpersonal relationships, work processes, project management, and strategic plans. All of this eventually helps the client to,

  • Create a productive company culture
  • Increase profitability
  • Compress time-to-market
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Enhance client loyalty
  • Attract and retain highly motivated staff
  • Build trust and collaboration

Adapting to Adversity

In the pivotal years of 2021 and 2022, Projectivity Solutions faced a substantial challenge in navigating the impacts of the global pandemic and COVID-19 and reshaping its service offerings for a cohesive response. The adversity was notably heightened by the necessity to close all in-person client engagements. 

In these crucial times, Phil decided to leverage advancements in telecommunications technology. This strategic move ensured the continuity of client engagements and opened new opportunities across Europe and Asia. Furthermore, Projectivity Solutions enhanced its integrated services, offering clients multiple points of engagement to help clients meet specific needs and maturity levels.

Phil’s Leadership Alchemy

Phil Bristol’s leadership philosophy centers on the delicate balance between the “WHAT” and “HOW” of management. The “WHAT” is the foundation for managerial success, emphasizing the creation of a robust organizational approach, including Strategic Direction and a four-tiered Exceptional Enterprise program. This comprehensive framework comprises strategy, culture, infrastructure, and leadership. Critical processes, from business development to key performance indicators, form the essential pillars within this structure.

However, it’s not just about the “WHAT”; the “HOW” is equally paramount. Leadership at Projectivity involves a holistic approach encompassing communication, time management, negotiation, team dynamics, and critical thinking skills. These skills play a pivotal role in delivering a quality customer experience and navigating the constraints of time, scope, and cost. 

Thus, Phil’s leadership philosophy, thriving on the synergy between these elements, fosters an environment where excellence is not just a goal but a constant pursuit. To ensure the perpetuation of these principles, Projectivity Solutions prioritizes experiential skills training, allowing team members to embody and model these essential behaviors. 

The Power of Learning from Experience

Understanding the significance of learning from personal experiences, Phil Bristol reflects on his journey. From an airborne ranger with a direct communication style in the US Army to the nuanced leader he became, the military polished his approach. However, a pivotal transformation occurred in the early 1980s under the guidance of Dr. Jerry Eppler at the Army Organizational Development training. 

Through months of coaching, Bristol grasped the vital lesson that communication flexibility is indispensable for effective leadership. Jerry imparted the wisdom that building trust-based relationships hinges on connecting, showing respect through active listening, and posing clarifying questions. In essence, Bristol learned firsthand the profound truth his mother always emphasized – “You can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.”

Functioning Across Time Zones and Cultures

Leading an organization scattered across various time zones, from the US to Europe and India, presented a unique challenge for Bristol. Beyond the intricacies of coordinating across different time zones, the team grappled with the vast differences in geographic cultures. The diverse natural communication behaviors (DISC) within the team could have posed a significant challenge. However, instead of being a hindrance, these diversities have been transformed into strengths. The team, under Phil’s leadership, actively pays attention to its impact on others, turning this seemingly challenging scenario into a testament to its adaptability and success.

Prioritizing Innovation through Collaboration

At Projectivity Solutions, decision-making is a finely tuned process rooted in team collaboration. Team members are carefully selected for their specific role skills and abilities, contributing to a designed decision-making sequence that ensures optimal results. The organization has discovered that a well-executed, team-based decision process consistently yields superior outcomes. 

An illustrative example of this collaborative approach is evident in the successful 9-month redesign of the Projectivity Solutions website. Despite diverse geographical, cultural, communication styles, and work experience backgrounds, the team overcame challenges to revitalize the web presence. The result is a streamlined site that offers enhanced navigation and fosters increased visitor interaction. Anticipated advancements in visitor engagement by Q2 reflect the organization’s commitment to both innovation and stability.

Nurturing Team Success

Phil firmly advocates that the continuous growth and professional development of individuals are integral in achieving overall success for a company. Quarterly assessments and monthly power-goaling conversations keep team members focused on yearly objectives. Periodic reviews of goals instill mutual accountability, fostering a proactive culture. This approach, once considered “housekeeping,” is now ingrained, replacing reactive measures. 

Yet, alongside building a cohesive team comes the responsibility of effectively managing conflicts within the organization, all while upholding a positive and productive atmosphere. The handling of conflicts can either be perceived as time-consuming or as a valuable opportunity for the team to fortify its bonds. This is where possessing both “WHAT” and “HOW” skills becomes crucial. 

These skills aid in evaluating instances where a lack of clarity in outcomes tends to trigger behaviors like avoidance or accommodation. When team members are mutually aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their colleagues, it fosters a consistently productive environment.

The Culture of Innovation

To ensure that Projectivity itself doesn’t fall short of innovation while assisting other companies in succeeding and adapting, a culture of innovation and adaptability is fostered. This is achieved by integrating the same processes and tools used for clients. The company uses James Fischer’s Stages of Growth approach to consulting with for-profit and nonprofit entities with fewer than 500 employees. Fischer’s research revealed distinct rules and core elements for stability and growth within each of the seven stages, offering a natural progression for growth. Significantly, when a company is mindful and intentional, it experiences increased maturity and performance without substantial staff additions.

Phil’s Commitment to Ethical Leadership 

With the motto “Igniting Passion within Leaders So Others Will Flourish,” the organization is dedicated to serving executives and leaders by providing strategies and skills for clarity, productivity, new capabilities, and collaborative teamwork. A classic example of Phil’s commitment to ethical leadership occurred when the CEO of a family engineering company sought help to resolve a nine-month organizational conflict. 

The three significant divisions disagreed on resource sharing, work distribution, and revenue sharing. Through a month-long conversation and guided interaction, the three executives resolved their differences, propelling the company’s growth from $15M to $575M. This reflects Conflict Transformation, a process that facilitates lasting change, transcending mere band-aid approaches of conflict management and resolution.

Advice for Emerging Leaders

With Phil’s rich experience, there’s a golden chance for others to learn from his journey. Always eager to support emerging leaders, Phil’s guidance is a valuable resource for those navigating the dynamic business landscape.

For emerging and aspiring leaders, Phil Bristol advocates a two-fold approach: maintain a perpetual sense of curiosity to unlock personal creativity and excellence and prioritize building positive and supportive relationships through service to others. He emphasizes the significance of networking and idea exchange with colleagues at local, national, and international levels as a foundation for growth. 

Furthermore, as an ardent reader of professional publications, Phil underscores the continuous availability of new ideas and the rediscovery of forgotten ones. This advice positions emerging leaders to stay informed and foster innovation and lasting impact. 



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