Asian Meals: A Story of Dominating the Culinary Market with Authenticity

Asian Meals - Culinary Market with Authenticity | Mickey Quah | Enterprise Wired

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Imagine yourself transported to a marketplace in Malaysia, the air thick with the aroma of exotic spices. Before your eyes, a kaleidoscope of ingredients comes together, rich cultures shaping the nation’s cuisine. These flavors, simmering for generations, are now accessible at doorsteps, thanks to CareFood Industries’ Asian Meals sauces.

Asian Meals, driven by a deep respect for this heritage, collaborates with the finest chefs to capture the essence of Malaysian flavors in a convenient way. Founded in 1989 by Mickey Quah (Founder), CareFood aspires to retain the flavors of Asian cuisine with delectable sauces made from natural ingredients. Each meticulously crafted product allows the consumers to recreate a delectable gastronomical experience at home, in just two or three simple steps.

Offering more than just convenience, Asian Meals strengthens a connection to the very heart of Malaysian cuisine. The company proudly caters to restaurants, hotels, and catering companies throughout Malaysia, and the overseas market providing them with a range of halal-certified culinary essentials.

OverviewWith over three decades of expertise in crafting spice blends, Asian Meals has developed more than 400 premade sauces that capture the essence of flavorful Asian cuisine.
IndustryFood and Beverage  manufacturer
SpecialtiesHalal sauce, instant noodles, meal kits, vegetarian sauce, curry paste, marinades, soup bases, pasta sauce, Asian sauces, salad dressings,soup bases, dipping sauce, chili sauce, private labels and OEM

Bringing Asian Flavors Home with Authenticity

“Diners never know that the sauces of the food they consume in restaurants are manufactured in a factory because we take the trouble ensuring the quality of our sauces is as good as freshly cooked ones.”

Mickey Quah

CareFood Industries Sdn Bhd, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is driven by a deep respect for Asian culinary heritage. The company was born from a simple observation as the unique flavors and traditions of Asian cuisine were at risk of being lost as generations passed.

Driven by this concern, Asian Meals embarked on a mission to preserve and share these precious culinary traditions. The company has become a leading manufacturer and exporter of authentic halal Asian sauces over the past 30 years.

More than Just Sauces

The company offers over 400 products, all meticulously crafted using natural ingredients and adhering to the highest international standards. They are:

  • FSSC 22000 Certified
  • HALAL Certified by JAKIM
  • GMP Certified
  • HACCP Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • US FDA Registered
Asian Meals - Culinary Market with Authenticity | Mickey Quah | Enterprise Wired

Asian Meal’s commitment goes beyond just taste, as it offers a variety of healthy options, including:

  • Non-GMO rice noodles
  • Sauces with no preservatives, artificial colors, synthetic flavors, MSG, or trans fat added

Products with Flavors of Heaven

Here are some main Products by Asian Meals that helped it conquer the culinary market.

Main Sauces
Asam Pedas SauceOriental Stir Fry Sauce
Rendang Curry SauceMeat Curry Paste
Sambal Tumis SauceSatay Sauce
Black Pepper SauceSweet Spicy Sauce
Rice Noodle Bowls
Malaysian Garlic Sesame Japanese Paitan 
Korean Kimchi Soup.Malaysian Shitake Mushroom 
Malaysian Curry Laksa Thai Tom Yum 

Adapting to Changing Times

While Asian Meals has traditionally catered to the B2B market, serving restaurants, hotels, and cruise ships, it has recently expanded its offerings to include specially packed sauces and instant meal kits perfect for home cooks. These are available through the company’s website and marketed through social media.

A Legacy of Flavor

Asian Meals is a steward of Asian culinary heritage. Offering products that add flavors along with connecting to a vibrant tradition. The company is recognized worldwide, along with being member of:

Asian Meals - Culinary Market with Authenticity | Mickey Quah | Enterprise Wired

Its sauces are a testament to the company’s commitment to social interaction and bringing people together through shared culinary experiences. 

Embracing Change Through Opportunity

Asian Meals, traditionally focused on B2B services like catering to hotels, cruise lines, and restaurants, faced significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Demonstrating remarkable resilience and agility, the company pivoted its strategy within four intensive months. This strategy led to a successful launch of consumer-oriented products and ensured continued relevance in the market.

Furthermore, Asian Meals established a strong social media presence on various platforms and effectively connected with the B2C audience. Its recent listings on major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay further enhance its digital reach and market position. The company’s commitment to rapidly expanding its online presence underscores its vision for the future.

Beyond its initiatives, Asian Meals offers private label and OEM services with a downstream marketing plan for its consumer goods. As the company ventures into new territories, its dedication to adapting to consumer trends and pursuing sustainable and healthy innovations remains resolute.

“Our mission is to inspire people and enrich their lives by offering authentic, convenient, healthy, and delicious Asian recipes,” states Mickey. “We strive to promote culinary heritage and ignite culinary journeys worldwide.”

The Passion that Perseveres

“Running a business requires a lot of hard work,” says Mickey. “This is especially true in the food industry. You need to have a passion for creating culinary masterpieces and a love for food, or else it will be hard to overcome obstacles. Unexpected events, like the COVID-19 pandemic, can cause significant challenges.”

He continues highlighting the importance of dedication to food quality and safety. After all, consumer health and well-being are paramount. This commitment is reflected in Asian Meal’s adherence to rigorous international food safety standards.

This translates to a commitment to clean ingredients:

  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colors
  • No synthetic flavors
  • No MSG
  • No trans fat
  • Non-GMO ingredients

Asian Meals offers a culinary journey built on passion and dedication to quality. Its commitment to weathering any storm, like its products, leaves a lasting taste in the mouths of consumers around the world.

Recognized for Excellence

Asian Meals isn’t just passionate about creating delicious and authentic Asian flavors. It is also consistently recognized for its dedication to excellence.

Here are a few of the company’s recent accolades:

  • 2022 Food Manufacturer of the Year – Malaysia (Global 100 Award)
  • 2021 Top Placer, Foods and Snacks Go Global Awards (International Trade Council ITC)
  • 2020 Sauce Manufacturer of the Year – South East Asia (APAC Insider Business Awards)
  • 2019 Food Manufacturing Business of the Year Going Global Award (International Trade Council ITC)
  • 2019 ANUGA Taste Innovation Award (Anuga International Food Show, Cologne, Germany)
  • 2021 – 2024  Food manufacturer of the year  Global 100  

These awards are a testament to Asian Meals’ commitment to:

  • Quality: Using only the finest ingredients and adhering to the highest international standards.
  • Innovation: Continuously developing new and exciting products to meet evolving consumer preferences.
  • Authenticity: Preserving the rich culinary heritage of Asia through their sauces and meal kits.

Asian Meals is a brand known for its scrumptious flavors and commitment to excellence.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “The authentic flavors and quality ingredients make Asian Meals a great choice!!”
Helmut F.J Holzer, Certified Master Chefs AAC, World Grand Master Chef, USA
  1. “I am very lucky to sell this great Malaysian product of ASIAN MEALS! Asian meals are great high-class products and they are great for the American people to be able to eat these 5-star high-class products!!!”
Nick Johnson, President, Asian Etc LLC, Atlanta, USA
  1. “Best instant noodle curry laksa I’ve tasted so far”
Christine Wong, Petaling Jaya
  1. “The range of texture, flavors, and aromas with which these sauces and curries arouse the senses, transforming simple and quick meals into gourmet fare. These wonderful, wholesome, all-natural Asian Meals is a must in every household.”
Barb Lance, Personal Chef, USA
  1. “Can taste the complexities, but it (the flavors) all work so well together!”
Rachel Tepper, Yahoo! food, USA



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