Virgin Incentives: The Art of Creating a Culture of Appreciation Through Experiential Rewards

Virgin Incentives - Appreciation Through Experiential Rewards | Danni Rush | Enterprise Wired

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There is a saying: “People won’t remember what you did for them or to them, but they will always remember how you make  them feel.” That is why corporate gifting is all about creating a memorable experience with personalized gifting solutions. Within the realm of business, the significance of relationships cannot be overstated. Cultivating and maintaining connections with clients, partners, and employees is fundamental to sustained business growth. Corporate gifting emerges as a powerful strategy for nurturing these relationships effectively. 

Virgin Incentives recognizes that individuals seek more than just financial compensation in their professional work; they desire to feel appreciated and esteemed. The company supports businesses in both the UK and the USA in fostering a vibrant employee culture, prioritizing reward and recognition, engagement, and loyalty as central pillars of their business operations.

Crafting Memorable Moments for Corporations

In 2021, the business made a strategic move by acquiring Cloud 9 Living, a well-established family-run business boasting 15 years of expertise in curating captivating experiences that thrill and delight gifters. Following the successful acquisition, the company rebranded, emerging as Virgin Experience Gifts, aligning itself with other esteemed Virgin U.S. ventures like Virgin Hotels, Virgin Holidays, and Virgin Voyages.

Under the umbrella of Virgin Experience Gifts, Virgin Incentives operates as its B2B division, catering specifically to corporate entities for their reward and recognition programs and employee and customer gifting initiatives. With a diverse portfolio of over 5,000 experiences, ranging from exhilarating supercar driving sessions to refined wine-tasting tours, Virgin Incentives ensures that every occasion, be it a birthday, a token of appreciation, or a farewell gesture, is met with unique and thoughtful gifts and rewards.

Innovating Customer Experiences

Danni Rush, (COO) has a diverse career spanning multiple industries, encompassing travel, retail, and outdoor education. Serving as the Chief Operating Officer for Virgin Incentives, Virgin Experience Days, and Virgin Experience Gifts, she takes the helm in overseeing customer experience, product development, partnerships, B2B initiatives, and the overall people strategy. With a deep sense of pride, Danni is dedicated to supporting the teams across these businesses, facilitating growth, and enhancing the product and experience offered to customers.

Virgin Incentives has recently unveiled three new exciting collection vouchers, offered in denominations of $50, $75, and $500. Each collection voucher serves as an invitation to a realm of enjoyable treats, experiences, and wonderful outings. Businesses have the flexibility to select a theme or price point and present these vouchers to employees or customers. For instance, the All Fun & Games collection features entertaining escape rooms, exhilarating whale-watching cruises, and engaging virtual masterclasses such as Bake with a Legend at Home. Regardless of their interests, recipients are bound to find something enjoyable and memorable within these collections.

Rewards Beyond Measure

Virgin Incentives specializes in providing corporate reward solutions through an extensive array of experiential rewards, catering to companies of all sizes, whether they have 10 employees or 10,000.

From culinary tours to adrenaline-pumping fighter jet flights, adventure activities, luxurious spa experiences, scenic cruises, and much more, Virgin Incentives offers a diverse range of options for rewarding employees and customers across the United States. With over 5,000 experiences available nationwide, recipients have ample choices, and these rewards never expire, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Additionally, Virgin Incentives offers the Virgin Experience Gifts eGift Card, an ideal reward option that allows recipients to choose their preferred experience. The eGift Card has no expiration date, and recipients can select a date and time that suits their schedule once they’ve chosen their desired experience. Companies can load the eGift Card with any amount from $5 to $5000 and send it directly to the recipient’s inbox.

Furthermore, Virgin Incentives provides a wide range of multi-choice collection vouchers, offering recipients the freedom to select their preferred reward. These vouchers come in various themes and price points, each containing a selection of experiences for one or two people, providing a flexible and personalized gifting solution.

Tech-Driven Transformation

Before its acquisition, Cloud 9 Living lacked a dedicated corporate team. In response, Virgin Incentives established a specialized sales and marketing department. This move coincided with a comprehensive rebranding effort and significant investment in upgrading the business’s technological infrastructure, highlighted by the launch of a new website,

Virgin Incentives draws upon the considerable expertise gained from its operations in the UK. The company has adopted a strategy of mirroring successful processes, reporting mechanisms, and data analytics practices in the USA market. Leveraging existing relationships cultivated in the UK, including those with clients, employees, and sister companies, Virgin Incentives pursued an aggressive growth trajectory in the United States.

Virgin Incentives’ Commitment to Excellence

Since its inception, Virgin Incentives has garnered acclaim as the premier Employee Incentives & Benefits Company in the USA. Recognized by CIO Bulletin, the company secured the coveted top spot for its exceptional reward solutions tailored for HR, Rewards, and Marketing professionals seeking to motivate, and incentivize, both employees and customers alike. The prestigious ranking highlights Virgin Incentives’ commitment to delivering high-quality experiences and services. Moreover, the feature prominently showcased its COO, Danni Rush, shedding light on the company’s expansive portfolio of Virgin Experience Gifts U.S. offerings and its ambitious growth plans.

Virgin Incentives prides itself on innovation and clear business goals, emphasizing the importance of its dedicated employees. It recognizes the growing significance of the reward and recognition market, especially in the context of hybrid work models. Their products focus on making incentives and rewards enjoyable and memorable, setting them apart in the industry and disrupting the corporate gifts market. Continual growth is achieved through innovation, strategic partnerships, competitive pricing strategies, and targeted industry collaborations with HR, Reward, and People teams.

Multi-Choice Voucher Range

Virgin Incentives has unveiled an array of exciting new experiences, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Among these offerings is the exhilarating opportunity to race a Ferrari 296 GTB with Xtreme Xperience, now available in San Francisco. Additionally, the company introduces a delightful Long Island Wine Tour with Lunch in New York, the indulgent Sushi by Bou Omakase for Two with Unlimited Sake in Times Square, New York, and the immersive Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart VIP Admission in Las Vegas.

In response to the varied preferences of its clientele, Virgin Incentives has also introduced a selection of new multi-choice collection vouchers. Recognizing the challenge of selecting the perfect reward for co-workers or customers, these vouchers empower recipients to choose their ideal gift from a curated selection of experiences. Each voucher unlocks a world of delightful activities and days out, featuring a range of experiences at the same price point. Notably, the cost is not listed on the voucher, ensuring a seamless and personalized gifting experience.

The Future of Gifting Solutions

Virgin Incentives embraces the motto, “Screw it – Let’s do it,” embodying a culture of innovation and forward momentum. The company remains perpetually curious, consistently identifying market gaps, listening to customer feedback, and setting ambitious growth targets.

Continuously evolving its product and experience offerings, Virgin Incentives introduces fresh experiences tailored to captivate a diverse audience. Presently, the company prioritizes expanding its range of experiences in key metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. Exciting additions to its repertoire include beginner-friendly flower arranging classes, the indulgent BierBath Double Tub Spa Experience with Drinks, and an array of new fine dining experiences spanning multiple locations, all of which are ideal for gifting to both customers and employees.

Remaining vigilant to industry shifts and emerging trends, Virgin Incentives remains poised to adapt swiftly. With aspirations to become the global leader in experience gifting, the company aims to position experiences at the forefront of every individual’s wishlist. To facilitate this global expansion, Virgin Incentives prioritizes equipping its workforce with the necessary skills and innovative tools for growth, thereby bolstering the brand’s trajectory toward success.

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