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Entering a new industry with the aim of becoming a dominant player can be challenging. To succeed, it is crucial to have in-depth knowledge about the sector, stay updated on industry developments, understand the changes you can make, and utilize your entrepreneurial skills to solve problems effectively.

However, having a guiding light that illuminates the path to success can simplify the journey. This is where EarlyBirds Marketplace comes in. It provides a platform for innovators, startups, scaleups, and mature companies to exchange value at an early stage of development. Through the marketplace, innovators can list their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) or solutions and set prices ranging from US$500 to US$25,000 for each sale.

Early adopters, on the other hand, can search for and purchase innovations in their industry, based on the financial benefits they offer. They can also post challenges on the marketplace and request viable solutions from innovators. The marketplace offers escrow capabilities to reduce risk for both parties and feedback capabilities to facilitate communication and improvement.

Kris Poria, the co-founder of EarlyBirds

We had the opportunity to interview Kris Poria, the co-founder of EarlyBirds, to learn more about the company and its inspiration. Kris and his business partner, Jeff Penrose, founded EarlyBirds to bridge the gap between large corporations and startups, facilitating collaboration and the exchange of valuable solutions. The platform aims to accelerate the scaling process for startups and provide tech innovators, startups, and independent specialists with a platform to share information and skills.

Millions of enterprises worldwide benefit from EarlyBirds, as it offers capability solutions within a reliable networking platform. The platform allows specialists to quickly solve technical problems for early adopters by providing alternative solutions. Additionally, the platform offers programs, goods, and services for innovation, enabling emerging businesses to gain insights into the global market. Subject matter experts are also invited to collaborate with clients, enhancing the innovation lifecycle and expediting the development of products and services.

EarlyBirds focuses on ongoing education in corporate functions, helping organizations overcome technological and business challenges, and keeping them informed about changes in technology, procedures, and business models. The company provides self-service platform subscriptions for customers to search for innovators and solutions independently, as well as SME-assisted programs to address specific challenges or ongoing innovation as a service.

The EarlyBirds team consists of Kris Poria, Jeff Penrose, CFO James Palmers, a specialist technical team, and Subject Matter Experts known in the industry. The team brings deep experience across three key areas of focus: Early Adopters, Innovators, and Subject Matter Experts, covering various industry sectors.

Kris Poria, in addition to working in sectors such as ICT, Media, Real Estate, and Education, has also founded his own businesses and assisted clients in sectors including the Public Sector, Financial Sector, and Energy Sector. With experience in multiple regions, including Asia, Europe, the US, and Australia, Kris has held roles ranging from software engineer to business leader.

EarlyBirds’ key achievements include their Edzlity framework, which helps organizations become self-learning entities and their ecosystem that has already attracted over 3 million innovative organizations, 100 subject matter experts, and 600 organizations to their platform. They have partnered with Tier-1 governmental and private organizations in Australia to further expand their reach.

EarlyBirds has been working with prominent public and private sector organizations in Australia, including two of the top 10 ASX-listed companies and large public sector agencies. Clients have provided positive feedback, highlighting how EarlyBirds has helped accelerate their innovation capability, speed, and problem-solving through their platform and frameworks.



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