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Aglaia Capital was founded with a focus on main areas of strength in order to challenge traditional corporate finance. The company also uses blockchain to rework and provide unmatched forms of help for conditional innovation in the financial sector.

Since its inception, the organization has grown and developed under the exceptional leadership of Ángela Álvarez. She is renowned for her unwavering leadership and unmatched talent, making her one of the most inspiring and inescapable names in the industry.

In addition to being a true pioneer and business visionary, Angela serves as an inspiration for budding business visionaries.

In this interview with Enterprise Wired, let us know more about the journey of her company. 

What woke Ángela Álvarez up and how did Aglaia Capital come to be?

Aglaia Capital was founded with a focus on key strengths for a – To complement addressing some of the difficulties identified in the business and Ángela expert process. She made the decision to create something that will improve the planet.

Her goal is to join the field and contribute knowledge on how businesses may save money with technological breakthroughs like blockchain while also carving out a dream and a unique approach to handling the agreements on the businesses she has worked in.

In order to make finance and venture creation more efficient and adaptable, as well as to engrave a new and distinctive approach to the most conventional arrangements, Ángela wanted to develop a blockchain-based platform.

Aglaia Capital and her team are also required to make a difference in the world because the way to uphold principles also entails their embodiment, such as growth, maintainability, honesty, variety, and impact on creating a better society.

In order to maintain morals and balance among the groups, Ángela believes that a direct and trustworthy approach to doing business is necessary. She felt it was important to convey these traits to her organization as well.

In addition to convoluted logic, luck, energy, and vision have also been constants in my professional and crucial journey. Some people I have met along the way have also helped me get to where I am now.

What services does Aglaia Capital provide and how is the company divided into classes?

Aglaia Capital was founded with a clear focus on traditional corporate finance and value-based innovation for the financial industry using blockchain, both of which have been evolving ever since.

Aglaia Capital is divided into two main regions. One is focused on warning corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity, focused on selected specialist assets and financial backers, off-market deals, primarily in Spain and Europe, specifically in various geologies, and work in financing structures, hotels, and real estate. Their focus has been on supporting real estate and corporate designs, as well as off-market arrangements of hotels, real estate, and distressed assets, which they are always changing to reflect the situation.

They are often focused on a niche market in conventional corporate finance, with financial backers and off-market venture open doors. Their advice is tailored, and free, and they typically open doors with a focus on financial backers. They also are well aware of the biological makeup of financial backers and supporting suppliers and what interests them.

The focus of the following region is on Fintech, Blockchain, and Digital Assets. They have insider knowledge of the financial and technology sectors, which has a big impact on raising the value. Through our affiliated groups, they also cover the legal and specialized areas when it comes to digital resources, providing warnings on the times when tokens are produced.

They are likewise a Fintech organization, tending to the entire pattern of the employable with computerized resources. They are going to send off our Permissioned Platform for tokenization, in view of decentralized finance Aglaia Capital DeFi Platform, which permits to get subsidizing and contribute effectively, while partaking in the new monetary framework, mostly centered around the digitalization of protections, sent in the Ethereum Blockchain.

This Platform for tokenization is the consequence of the development of the customary Corporate Finance and confidential capital business sector organizations joined with blockchain, as a method for tackling a portion of the issues looked by the business.

Group of Aglaia Capital

They are glad for being centered around innovation without losing mankind, and of trustworthiness. Ángela has faith in variety, as an upper hand in this perplexing world, and in fostering the limits and the regular exceptional characteristics of the group, as a method for adding to the rest, as well as on state codes in view of agreement and better practices.

Advancement and Creativity are the embodiment of Aglaia Capital, and it’s the regular fuel for its proceeding with improvement. The vast majority of the Corporate Finance bargains, specifically, computerized resources and Token producing occasions projects, as well as the making of the Tokens, require a decent portion of both in each individual from the group.

The Aglaia Capital CEO

Aglaia Capital’s founder and CEO is Ángela Álvarez. She has developed her professional career in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and investment banking, primarily focusing on the financial, real estate, hotels, restructuring, and alternative financing areas, as well as in fintech blockchain that attracted her premium years ago as a method for addressing the majority of the issues that tracked down in her industry, leading leader global positions, and Boards in large entities and international banks.

She founded Aglaia Capital to integrate conventional corporate finance with blockchain and to imprint her ideas on her business. As part of her work to usher in a new era of corporate finance, alternative investments, and private capital markets, she also founded the Aglaia Capital DeFi Platform, a Permissioned Blockchain Platform delivered on the Ethereum Blockchain with a focus on tokenizing securities and digital resources. In London, she has a partner company, a private office, and a corporate finance business.

She has spoken at Economic Forums regularly, is active in the global M&A, Fintech, and Blockchain space, is passionate about decentralized advancements and collaboration plans of action, has been recognized as a Top Fintech Influencer, Top Women Leader, Top CEO, and Elite class of creative business people, among others, and has received grants for her organization’s growth and other greatness since it was founded.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”



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