4 Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing You Must Know in 2024

Email Marketing: 4 Dos and Don’ts you must know | Enterprise Wired

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Are you starting a new business? Email marketing could be a good option for you to proliferate your business. But do you know what is Email marketing campaign? It is the one in which the service provider or business owner sends an email to potential customers and informs them about his or her product and services and encourages them to take action. It helps to generate sales and bring more customers to your website. Successful email marketing is performed when a desired action is conducted from the opposite side. Read our article to know what you should do or avoid to do while email marketing.

Dos of Email Marketing:

1. Build an email list correctly

Building an email list correctly is the first step towards effective Email Marketing campaigning.  In this list, you can add those products to the list which you will be providing to customers and add value to your business. Furthermore, a list should maintain a form in which contact and address details are added. According to studies, it is observed that 80% of entrepreneurs are focusing on email marketing and getting the highest customer reach through it.

2. Compose a catchy subject line

Email Marketing: 4 Dos and Don’ts you must know | Enterprise Wired

As they say, the first impression is the last impression hence, creating a catchy subject line gives an extra edge to your email marketing campaign. A well-written and fascinating body of email makes a great difference if people should open and read the mail or just ignore it. Without a catchy subject line, people won’t be attracted to your services and won’t be knowing about them. A boring subject line kills your business at the first step only.

3. Use branded email address

Start using email addresses like info@yourcompanyhere or customerservice@yourcompanyhere so that recipients prefer to know that a real person is behind the message. Email filters are increasingly classifying these as spam since they appear suspicious. You can make sure that your email address’s display name at the very least corresponds to a real person who works for your company.

Every time in an email campaign, professionalism will prevail. By using a branded email address in your email marketing campaigns, you can convince potential customers that your company is a real one with authentic goods and/or services to offer. In addition, branded email addresses offer greater protection and privacy than free email hosting services.

4. Keep testing various calls-to-action (CTA)

At the conclusion of your email, include a clear call to action (CTA). These allow potential customers to contact your company after finishing your email. For example, if you are advertising a new eBook, you have to include a CTA link that urges users to download it. Moreover, you can point them to your website if you’re announcing a new design for it.

While implementing email marketing strategies, you should be open to experiments. Although the majority of CTAs are created as buttons with the provided wording, there is a lot of room for experimentation. Start with examining what resonates with your audience by exploring various links, font and button colors, and other elements to see how users react.

Donts of Email Marketing:

1. Avoid overpromotional email campaigns

Users read your emails in an effort to learn about your offers, develop insight into industry difficulties, and stay up to date on pertinent news. Therefore, avoid using every email as a sales pitch and always write with the reader in mind.

Email Marketing: 4 Dos and Don’ts you must know | Enterprise Wired

In a similar vein, refrain from employing terms that trigger spam filters. Emails using excessively promotional language that frequently uses terms like “free,” “sale,” “cash,” and similar expressions are likely to get in users’ spam bins, preventing your intended audience from ever reading your message. An email sent can fail for a number of reasons, including campaign metadata, IP addresses, coding, content, and format. Find out here how to get past these spam filters.

2. Do not buy an email prospect list

You may find buying email lists a simple and quick way to succeed, however, it’s a mistake frequently done by most digital marketers. Why? Nobody can assure you that the people on your list will desire to learn more about your business, products, or services. Quality leads are typically preferable over quantity.

Since they have no previous relationship with your company and, god forbid, may report your email as spam, leads from a purchased list are less likely to interact with you. One of the last places you want to be is in someone’s junk mail folder because this can harm the standing of your business and lessen your opportunities to engage with potential customers.

3. Sending simultaneous emails is not advisable

It is clearly not a good idea if you are sending out mailings to your lists at once, especially if your clients are in different time zones. Sometimes people from other parts of the world might receive your email at midnight and ignore it if you know that in a given region, people often open emails at 2 p.m.

Segmentation is crucial because it enables you to geo-target emails based on time zones and the times at which subscribers are most likely to open and read them.

4. Stop sending too many emails at the same time

If you are sending your email list a tonne of emails in order to engage people then let me tell you, it is not the best strategy. As a result, the unsubscribe rate of your website will only rise, and your emails will end up in the spam bin. A few emails that provide value might help you succeed more.

Email Marketing: 4 Dos and Don’ts you must know | Enterprise Wired

Hence, stop contacting them again within hours if you send them an email and received no answer. Later, you can try using the 3-7-7 follow-up rule, which I adore.

It shows that you have to wait three days before sending a follow-up email if you are unable to receive a response to your email. Then, wait another week if they do not reply to the follow-up email. After that give them the most recent seven days’ worth of correspondence if there is still no answer.

So, how did you like our article? Did you receive important insights from it? You should use Email Marketing to get more useful leads and attract more customers. However, there are a few dos and dont’s that matter while implementing it and they can affect the growth of your business.



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