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SMR Designs Pty Ltd, an Australian family-owned and operated company, is authorized to manufacture and distribute Safetyline Jalousie louvre windows across Australia and the South Pacific. Safetyline Jalousie is dedicated to providing high-quality louver window systems that offer both style and energy efficiency.

Louvre windows are the ideal solution for various home design challenges. They are currently one of the most popular window options on the market, providing homes with an extra touch of sophistication. Not only do they have a unique aesthetic appeal, but they are also highly efficient in terms of energy consumption. Louvre windows have a long-standing reputation for outperforming other window types available.

Safetyline Jalousie, founded by brothers Leigh and Nathan Rust in 2009

They have quickly established themself as a leading provider of high-performance louver window systems in Australia. Over the past decade, the company has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from a small 60 m2 manufacturing facility with five employees to a 2,500 m2 facility with over fifty employees. With headquarters in Sydney and offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, Safetyline Jalousie has become a trusted name in the industry.

Leigh and Nathan’s father had a successful manufacturing and installation business (Vergola NSW), which exposed them to the business and building sectors early on. Although initially discouraged from following in their father’s footsteps, the brothers eventually joined Vergola and gained experience in various roles, from manufacturing to sales and management. After a decade of working together, Leigh and Nathan decided to venture out on their own, founding Safetyline Jalousie.

The team at SMR Designs Pty Ltd consists of dedicated professionals who share a passion for quality and innovation. With a diverse workforce, the company values family and cultural diversity and is proud to have long-standing employees who have been with them since the beginning. Additionally, the company boasts a strong female presence in administrative and manufacturing roles.

Safetyline Jalousie has achieved significant milestones throughout its business journey. These include receiving a Silver Stevie Award for Product Innovation, winning the Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Manufacturing in 2019, being recognized as one of the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs of Australia for four consecutive years, and gaining international recognition. The company was also a finalist for the Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies in 2020.

On a personal level, the co-founder of Safetyline Jalousie highlights the joy of being a parent to three children and expecting a fourth. Balancing parenting and business responsibilities is a significant achievement, and family always remains a top priority.



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