SoftClouds LLC – Bringing Forward a Futuristic Approach to Digitization

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The journey towards digital transformation and thrive in the online marketplace is filled with challenges that businesses must overcome. To smoothly transition your business processes to the Internet, you’ll need the expertise of industry professionals.

Among the top experts in the field, Oracle stands out as a leading contender. Numerous independent software vendors, enterprises, and other entities benefit from several Oracle partner organizations, such as SoftClouds LLC, which provides exceptional services like CRM and CX.

SoftClouds LLC, recognized as one of the best and most successful Oracle partners, offers comprehensive solutions of the highest quality and dependability. With their background in specialized architectural solutions and their position as an Oracle Platinum Partner, they excel in enhancing CX.

Redefining digital transformation with SoftClouds LLC

SoftClouds LLC embarked on its journey in 2005 with the primary goal of guiding enterprises through their CRM/CX digital transformation. They aimed to fulfill this purpose by providing original, imaginative, and consulting solutions.

What sets SoftClouds apart as one of the top solution providers in the industry is its client-focused vision. They prioritize understanding the vision and objectives of their clients, allowing them to deliver cutting-edge solutions that yield successful outcomes, valuable benefits, and seamless transformations.

With experience in implementing technological solutions across various sectors like manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare, SoftClouds boasts a team of seasoned professionals and highly skilled individuals who thrive on innovation. In recognition of their excellence, they received the esteemed “Company of the Year – Stevie Gold Winner Award” in 2020.

These elements, combined with the company’s core principles and relentless pursuit of excellence, establish SoftClouds as a trustworthy business advisor capable of delivering the best solutions for organizations.

The Journey to Success and Motivation behind SoftClouds LLC

SoftClouds was founded on innovation and a forward-looking perspective. Their initial challenge was to find a consumer base that would support their visionary approach, being among the first entrants in the field, well ahead of their time.

By closely collaborating with their customers and educating them about the value of data, customization, and personalization, SoftClouds emphasized hyper-individualization and customization, leading to a superior customer experience and a quicker return on investment. Their emphasis on empowering users and delivering immediate effects in customer management and relationships contributed to their growth.

The team’s commitment to gaining knowledge, experience, innovation, and productivity in implementing solutions sets SoftClouds apart in the market. Trusted by their clients, they have built lasting connections and received customer recommendations. They continuously adapt to client demands and technological advancements, expanding their operations to India and Japan.

Factors contributing to SoftCloud’s enduring success

SoftClouds owes its success to its exceptional workforce, as the company places a strong focus on its employees. Being an “employee-focused” company, they believe that production staff produces results that leave clients extremely satisfied. They also prioritize keeping up with new and developing technologies, thanks to their creative, strategic, and inventive thinking.

Over the course of 16+ years, SoftClouds has experienced rapid growth, receiving both positive and negative feedback. They value both types of feedback equally, with positive comments boosting their morale and negative comments motivating them to improve all aspects of their firm. Their commitment to valuing criticism keeps them on the right track and propels them to set industry benchmarks.

Noteworthy achievements since their inception include a top-notch staff dedicated to providing superior and unique solutions, expanding their offices globally (US, India, and Japan), receiving over 25 awards for innovation, solutions, and CX, earning honors from partners and clients (including the Oracle Partner of the Year Award), and having team members recognized as keynote presenters at prestigious technology and customer experience conferences.

Unrivaled service offerings of SoftClouds LLC

SoftClouds prioritizes client perspectives to create solutions, formulating the right strategies to solve each problem. They understand the uniqueness of every client’s vision and business, aiming to provide the best possible solutions to meet their business goals. Specializing in Oracle CRM/CX solutions like Sales & Service Cloud, CPQ, Commerce & Subscription Cloud, and B2B Service Cloud, SoftClouds elevates the customer experience to the next level.

With a strong emphasis on continuous innovation and customer satisfaction, SoftClouds excels in developing creative strategies that benefit its clients and users. They pride themselves on their fast and efficient solutions delivery, always staying ahead by embracing new technology, trends, and practices.

New additions to the service arsenal of SoftClouds LLC

As a forward-thinking technology solutions provider, SoftClouds has always emphasized creativity and cutting-edge innovation. Their integration of advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics pushes the boundaries of customer experience.

Flag Bearers at SoftClouds LLC

Over the course of 16+ years, SoftClouds has evolved as a brand, taking CX and Digital Transformation to new heights. This achievement required a team with strong principles, experience, exceptional skills, and capabilities. The management and leadership at SoftClouds embody these qualities, serving as talented experts in the field with unparalleled vision and leadership.

One such exemplary leader is Brian Friedman, the GVP of Strategic Global Sales at SoftClouds. Brian’s involvement in mobile technology dates back to its early stages, owning one of the first four cellular retail businesses in the US. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SoftClouds, contributing significantly to their remarkable expansion.

Brian’s perspective on entrepreneurship revolves around being a true jack-of-all-trades who takes full responsibility for the entire company. A successful entrepreneur and leader must continuously mentor and lead, ensuring the company’s success.



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