Pae Natwilai- A Revolution in the Third Dimension

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Entrepreneurs are undoubtedly the influential leaders of today and the role models of tomorrow. They hold the key to shaping the future, as their creative thinking and exceptional products/services contribute to the advancement of life and technology.

We have come across another visionary, businessperson, and leader, Pae (Utoomprurkporn) Natwilai, who founded Trik. Trik is a software solution for structural inspection that utilizes drones to create 3D maps and reports. Pae is a remarkable example of an entrepreneur and is on the path to being recognized as the most entrepreneurial woman of the year.

Tell us more about Trik and what inspired you to start the company.

Trik is a specialized program for structural inspection that leverages drone data analytics. It operates similarly to Google Maps, but specifically for 3D mapping and analysis of buildings. Trik uses multiple photos to generate a digital 3D model of a building, allowing easy storage, search, and analysis of the data in a 3D format.

As an inspection and maintenance engineer, I have always struggled with saving and accessing relevant information about the areas I work on. Previously, I worked in the oil and gas industry in a remote location with unreliable internet connectivity. The process of finding images and specific reports related to a particular area was challenging due to the folder-based organization.

This led me to question why we couldn’t store digital information about structures in 3D when the real-world structures are three-dimensional. Out of frustration, both mine and that of my colleagues, I decided to develop this technology on my own.

What products or services does Trik focus on? How are they different from others in the market?

Trik not only allows the creation of 3D models from drone imagery but also offers a unique feature: using these 3D models as a system to store information and track changes over time. Users can simply click on any point of the 3D model to access relevant photos. For example, during a drone inspection of an 8-story building, there may be thousands of similar-looking photos of windows and facades. It becomes challenging to trace the origin of each photo using GPS data alone. With Trik, users can easily locate and view every photo of a specific window or area of interest directly from the 3D model.

Trik also incorporates an AI algorithm that automatically detects changes in the 3D model. This makes it easier to compare the actual construction progress with the design, monitor daily progress at a construction site, and track structural deterioration over time in a 3D format.

Tell us about your team at Trik.

I have a background in mechanical engineering, and prior to expanding my expertise and studying Innovation design, I worked as an inspection and maintenance engineer in the Oil and Gas industry.

Regarding the key achievements of your business journey?

Since the launch of Trik, we have received numerous accolades and gained extensive coverage in global news. In 2018, I was recognized as one of the Forbes 30 under 30, and we were listed in the Top 100 BAME leaders affecting the tech sector and Top 100 Asian stars in UK tech in 2019. Our company has been featured in various national and international media outlets, including Bloomberg, the Financial Times, the Huffington Post, and BBC Business Live Morning News. Additionally, Insight Success named us one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Aviation and Aerospace Solution Providers in 2018.



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