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Natasha is an outspoken pioneer who hails from a very amazing entrepreneurial family. After working in a variety of positions for several companies, Natasha Makhijani decided to start the Executive Search Firm “Oliver Sanderson“, the most incredible career she could have ever imagined.

Tell us about your trip to Oliver Sanderson and what made you decide to start the organization.

I declined a job offer as a scout so that I could go it alone and create my own organization. Although it was a genuine act of trust, building something substantial and taking charge of a team had always been a fantasy of mine. I come from a very entrepreneurial community, so I understand that as a business leader, I could make a bigger impact. People questioned if it was the right thing to do, but I still had to deal with the difficulty. I came to the conclusion that it was the right move, and I haven’t looked back since.

2011 was when I started Oliver Sanderson. I left a remarkable job, offered my car as collateral for my cash reserves, and opened up shop in the living room. which started out as a single woman working on a computer and has grown into a leading worldwide enterprise, working with huge customers, garnering awards, and having a significant impact everywhere!

What were the fundamental challenges you faced, and what were the goals behind the organization’s resounding success?

When starting a new firm, the first two years are very challenging since you want to establish your frameworks and cycles, assemble a solid team, polish your market hypothesis, and begin to establish a position. Each of these methods is extremely challenging, and at this point, financial pressures may be too much for some business visionaries.

In order to create the best relationship with our early clients, Oliver Sanderson overcame these challenges by hiring exceptional associates, focusing on brand building, and working constantly on our most memorable projects. Some of those early clients have stayed with us ever since, and each successful work generated numerous referrals and prospects for new business.

Being clear with your market proposition is probably the most important aspect of your journey as a business visionary.

What products or services does the organization prioritize? How differ your policies from those who are on the lookout?

Oliver Sanderson is a distinguished executive search agency that combines knowledge and aptitude with innovation and clear thinking. We resolve enrollment headaches and D&I issues for our clients, exceeding all expectations to ensure a successful end. We do this by gaining practical expertise in long-lasting and break assignments across a range of organizations. Our examination group has recently focused specifically on HR and business change.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by leading the way in innovative setups. We are paving the way for the next generation of company pioneers with our innovative set-up of computerized apps, which includes Snapp, the most famous voice-innovation enabled portable positions stage with selective Amazon Alexa joining.

If it’s not too much work, please offer your insights on the present business climate around the world following the Covid19 pandemic as an effective pioneer.

have discovered how to survive and thrive beginning with the initial lockdown. Our company had to change to deal with these new challenges, becoming more flexible in our transportation methods and moving to computerized phases with the help of our in-house recruitment software Snapp and the OS Executive application. We have worked out how to expand and grow our group due to our versatility.

I believe that the epidemic has already caused a series of changes in the enlistment industry. The market is today driven by competition; talented young professionals are in demand and are currently dictating their own terms, particularly with regard to flexible work schedules.

Organizations are forming diverse, multi-talented teams that work across several countries and different time zones without any obligation to drive or spend the whole workweek in the office. There is now a larger global ability pool to search through, but there is also more competition for talent. As a result, the industry is driven by young people, and enrollment organizations are booming everywhere.

Why is it asserted that the labor force plays a crucial role in the growth of each business? Please let us know more about your group if it’s not too much difficulty.

Since the beginning, our group has been the driving force behind our development, and I work really hard every day to keep my group motivated and interested in our mission and expedition.

It’s crucial that, as a pioneer, I keep pushing, encouraging, and inspiring them. At Oliver Sanderson, no two fourteen-day periods are ever the same since we are constantly working to land new jobs with new connections and forming connections with rival businesses. This aspect of our employment ensures that we are constantly picking things up, keeping the working week challenging.

We set goals for our group to meet on a monthly and annual basis in a variety of areas, from bargains to a commitment to virtual entertainment. However, we also help one another, knowing that progress isn’t always linear and that sometimes it comes more from disappointment than success. Discourse is essential, including daily debates, constructive criticism, and brainstorming sessions. These help us stay connected and supported one another while continuing to learn and strive for personal and group improvement.

If it’s not too much bother, could you please tell us about your professional experience at some point?

I began my career in recruitment on the Graduate Scheme at Hays after receiving my Bachelor’s degree from the City, University of London, and my Master’s degree from DePaul University in Chicago. I was suited for the executive positions, achieved four promotions in four years, and increased the monthly revenue of a team from £10,000 to £80,000.

I transferred from Hays to Michael Page, where I worked in a variety of long-term and short-term senior influential positions. I was given responsibility for expanding Michael Page’s Public Sector branch from its London offices there. I quickly rose to become the UK’s top HR biller for the company. However, I generally had to look for a different path—the entrepreneurial one. After establishing leader work areas at the two Hays and Michael Page, I shifted my attention to establishing my own company. Oliver Sanderson was created in 2011, at that time.

What significant achievements has your business process made?

I’ve been lucky enough to receive appreciation for a variety of successes during my business venture. Watching Oliver Sanderson spread across the UK and begin to gain traction internationally has been a big aspect; after setting up the Oliver Sanderson from my coffee table, it is so rewarding to see how far we’ve come! Other victories include securing new, fruitful customer relationships with important companies like British Airways, Aviva, and Engie, as well as awards.

My company and I were nominated for the Global Recruiter Awards 2021 and the APSCo Awards for Excellence 2021, and I received a CEO Today Global Award 2021. Snapp earned the APSCo Award for Innovation 2021, was featured in the Mayor of London’s TechInvest program, and was named Best Tech Innovation at the Global Recruiter Awards 2021.

Innovation is the key to corporate growth; kindly share your thoughts.

The path to business growth is development, and it is crucial to promote development through sensible business procedures. We at Oliver Sanderson are always learning, and we have frameworks and working methods designed to foster creativity and imaginative reasoning.

Advanced enlistment is one of our areas of expertise, and Oliver Sanderson has pioneered computerized advancements in chief pursuit and enrollment. I contributed to the creation of Snapp, the most recognizable voice-innovation-enabled portable stage with a customized Amazon Alexa mix. If you say “Get me a line of work” to your Amazon Alexa device, Snapp will power the search. The Mayor of London’s TechInvest program, which was launched in collaboration with the UK Business Angels Association to showcase London’s most important emerging tech startups, has recently received attention.



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