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Effective money management is one of the most important steps in achieving your financial goals. A well-researched financial plan speeds up your progress, provides a clear roadmap, as well as setting a specific timeline, making it easier to reach your goals quickly. And when it comes to financial planning, the role of financial advisers cannot be overlooked. 

Traditionally, the primary role of financial advisers has been understanding the clients’ specific financial goals and educating them on the steps they should take to reach them. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought numerous changes to the industry, requiring financial advisers to be more technology-savvy and adaptive to the changing market conditions. 

Nigel Green (CEO of deVere Group) is one of the most eminent names in the financial advisory industry. With his sheer commitment and vision, he has been instrumental in taking deVere Group toward unrivaled success. 

In The Enterprise World’s latest magazine issue, “The Most Visionary Leaders of 2023,” we have featured his story. 

An Illustrious Journey

Nigel’s path to becoming a leader in the financial advice, asset management, and fintech fields was a mix of having talented people around him, working hard, learning, and taking advantage of opportunities. He began his career in finance after his father, a famous preacher, taught him the importance of managing his own money.

Through a lucky connection, he ended up in Bermuda for business. There, he saw a big opportunity to provide a new kind of advice to people from all around the world, like international investors and people living in other countries. This advice would take into account the different rules and opportunities in various places.

As Nigel moved up the career ladder in different companies, he gained lots of valuable experience and knowledge. Eventually, he became a top manager at a big financial advice company in the UK. After this initial success, Nigel started focusing on the international market, realizing that people living abroad needed different kinds of financial advice – like advice that crosses borders.

After working in London for 15 years and learning a lot about finance, Nigel took the first step. He set up a company called deVere & Partners in Luxembourg. His goal was to help people who lived in different countries get top-notch financial services. In 2002, Nigel started deVere Group in Hong Kong, which was the first of more than 30 offices it has today. The company helps people who live in other countries by giving them expert and fair advice about their money. It also offers modern digital solutions for things like saving money, insurance, pensions, and investments.

Nigel is someone who looks ahead and thinks about the future. He uses his and his company’s resources to create and promote new financial technology solutions. He believes that technology is changing the way we get financial services. Because of his passion and expertise, deVere has become the biggest and most successful provider of financial technology in our field. Nigel’s strong work ethic, passion, and energy are what make deVere special. He leads by example and inspires others with his leadership style. Thanks to his efforts, deVere has become a global leader in the financial industry.

A Combination of Financial Advice and Digital Solutions

The deVere Group of companies is one of the world’s leading independent financial institutions that offers a powerful combination of financial advice and digital solutions to its clients across the globe. Founded in 2002 and now comprising over 90 different legal entities globally, deVere provides a wide range of financial services including retirement planning, fixed-income investments, ESG investing, digital asset investing, etc. 

Some of these prominent services are:

  1. Pension Advice

Whether you’re just starting your career, in the middle of it, close to retiring, or already retired, it’s important to begin planning for your retirement right now. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to achieve your long-term goals. 

There are many ways to save money for your retirement and ensure it is tax-friendly, so you can enjoy your savings and pass them on to your family when you’re older. The deVere Group of companies, including its UK-based subsidiary, gives advice on retirement planning not just to people but also to current and former employees of big companies, especially those in the UK’s FTSE100 index. 

  1. Investment Management

Where you decide to put your money can affect how much you have to pay in taxes and how fast your money can grow. Some people like to invest their money in places where they don’t have to pay a lot of taxes, like the Isle of Man. It’s important to choose really good money managers to help you invest your wealth.

deVere collaborates with some of the most esteemed financial institutions globally. Its money managers can link clients with top financial experts through various investment methods. Furthermore, deVere leverages its substantial size and strength to offer exclusive investment opportunities that are not available elsewhere.

  1. Financial Planning

The deVere Group knows that planning your money can seem hard and confusing. That’s why they spend time talking to you about your goals and making a plan that’s just right for you.

Here are the benefits of a financial planning session with deVere:

  • You get a detailed money plan.
  • They find any possible problems (like not having enough cash, not spreading your money around, and taxes).
  • You know exactly what to do next.
  1. Affiliated Fintech Options

Apart from the aforementioned services, deVere Group provides various affiliated fintech options like Catalyst, Crypto, and Atom. 

Effective Leadership Philosophy

Nigel’s leadership philosophy revolves around innovation, integrity, and collaboration. Innovation ensures that the company remains competitive and relevant, while integrity builds trust with clients and partners. Collaboration, on the other hand, creates a strong sense of teamwork, allowing the team to tackle challenges collectively. 

Furthermore, flexibility and openness to change is important to stay ahead of the curve. Nigel regularly reassesses the company’s strategies, seeks input from the team, and stays attuned to market trends to ensure his leadership style remains effective. 

Seizing Conflicts and Challenges 

Open and transparent communication is the bedrock of our organization,” says Nigel. Regular team meetings, feedback channels, and an open-door policy at deVere Group ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and information flows freely. deVere Group confronted a challenging scenario while managing a major acquisition. Clear and honest communication was required to ease employee concerns and align the visions of the two teams. Through active listening and proactively addressing concerns, the company successfully integrated the two cultures and achieved the merger’s strategic goals. 

Furthermore, deVere addresses conflicts promptly, emphasizing open dialogue and a problem-solving mindset. It uses mediation and coaching to turn conflicts into opportunities for personal and team growth. During a challenging market downturn, the company rallied its team to focus on innovation and efficiency. This helped deVere to weather the storm as well as led to new revenue streams and resilience. 

Balancing Innovation and Stability

Decision-making is one of the most important responsibilities of a business leader, which requires innovation and stability. deVere uses data-driven insights and scenario analysis to make informed choices. Encouraging diverse perspectives within the team ensures that it considers all angles before making critical decisions. deVere drives innovation by encouraging creative thinking, celebrating experimentation, and allocating resources for research and development. 

The company invests in continuous learning and development programs for its team. Mentorship, cross-functional training, and opportunities for skill enhancement ensure its team members grow professionally. Citing an achievement resulting from nurturing talent within, Nigel says, “A team member with potential was promoted to lead a critical project, and their innovative approach not only met objectives but also set new industry benchmarks.”

Performance, Vision, and Ethical Principles

deVere sets clear performance expectations, regularly reviews progress, and provides constructive feedback. Accountability starts at the top, with Nigel setting an example of commitment to the company’s objectives. In specific cases of underperformance, deVere implemented targeted training and coaching, emphasizing personal growth. This approach improved the team’s performance as well as increased its morale. 

The company regularly communicates its vision, ensuring it resonates with its team and stakeholders by emphasizing its alignment with its goals. “Recently, aligning our team with a strategic goal to become a sustainability leader resulted in not only reducing our environmental footprint but also attracting ethically conscious clients, positively impacting our bottom line,” asserts Nigel. 

Talking about the ethical principles of deVere, Nigel mentions that upholding ethical principles is non-negotiable. The company has a robust code of conduct and it encourages employees to speak up about any ethical concerns. “I faced a dilemma regarding a potential partnership that conflicted with our values. Ultimately, we chose not to proceed, even though it was financially tempting. This decision reinforced our commitment to ethical leadership,” adds Nigel. 

Staying up-to-Date 

Nigel asserts that staying current involves constant learning. He engages in industry conferences, executive education, and peer networks. According to him, remaining curious and open to new ideas is essential. A recent learning experience for him was adopting blockchain technology in deVere’s operations. It required a thorough understanding of the technology and its potential impacts on the industry. 

Continuous Evolution!

Nigel feels grateful for the opportunities he has had and the team that has supported him throughout the journey. He believes success in leadership is about continuous evolution and remains committed to driving positive change in the financial industry. 

When asked about a piece of advice for aspiring business leaders, Nigel says, “I’d advise staying true to your values, fostering a culture of innovation, and nurturing your team’s growth. Leadership is not about personal accolades; it’s about empowering others to succeed.”



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