How did Cousins Maine Lobster become an American Culinary Icon?

How did Cousins Maine Lobster become an American Culinary Icon? | Enterprise Wired

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Since childhood, I have enjoyed eating lobsters cooked by my grandmother. Her food used to be so unique that even remembering it tempts me to eat it immediately. Growing up, I left my home for studies and settled in a metro city for a job. However, I never forget the taste of her lobster, which was quite difficult in the city to get it. My friends and colleagues have the same feeling and miss their homemade food. Thinking of it, I decided to start a food truck and earn money from it. Doesn’t this story seem familiar to you? In this article, you will read about the ‘Shark Tank’ winners ‘ Cousins Maine Lobster’ and their journey of becoming one of the American Culinary Icon. 

How did it start?

The cousins Sabin Lomac and Jim Tselikis founded ‘Cousins Maine Lobster’ in 2012 with a single truck in Los Angeles. After moving out from Maine, cousins missed their lobster roll of childhood. They decided to recreate it and sell it to others in the city. Their debut track served fresh Maine lobster piled high in a split top bun, with melted butter drizzled over the top. Eventually, they ended up earning $20 million from $20,000 with the help of investment from ‘Shark Tank’. 

Food truck businesses are gaining huge popularity in the USA in recent years with significant growth. They offer a diverse range of cuisines, from tacos to gourmet burgers. However, lobster has been the rarest one to get. Here comes the Cousins Maine Lobster first in the mind. The business was totally borne out of a passion for providing delectable seafood. Today, it has become a nationwide sensation that has thrived as the most successful business venture. 

The Shark Tank Pitch That Made Waves

How did Cousins Maine Lobster become an American Culinary Icon? | Enterprise Wired
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The founders Lomac and Tselikis shared a special affection for lobster rolls as they grew up enjoying them in Maine, their home state. They aimed to bring the authentic taste of Maine’s lobster to the rest of the United States. Meanwhile, they were aware of the capital and mentorship required to turn their dream into reality. In 2012, both of them decided to represent their lobster-centric food truck business to the ‘Shark Tank’ television show, where many entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a group of wealthy investors and secure funding. 

The investors at Shark Tank found the pitch of cousins more compelling than others, which highlighted their passion for Maine lobster and their perseverance to share it with the rest of the world. Soon, they secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran, who noticed the potential cousins had in their concept. Along with Barbara’s investment and guidance, Cousins Maine Lobster became a household name across the nation and an American culinary icon. 

Acclamation Across the United States

The popularity of Cousins Maine Lobster skyrocketed after their appearance in the ‘Shark Tank’. They started the business as a single food truck, soon it transformed into a thriving franchise with trucks and brick-and-mortar locations scattered across the United States. Soon, the lobster lovers could satisfy their cravings with a taste of Maine lobster from Los Angeles to New York City. The simplicity and originality of its menu are the secrets behind its tremendous success. 

Today, Cousins Maine Lobster serves their signature lobster roll, lobster tacos, lobster bisque, and lobster tots. Food lovers have developed a new passion for such a wide range of lobster-based dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. They serve lobster sourced fresh from the cold water of Maine to ensure that every bite captures the true essence of this celebrated crustacean. 

Venturing into California

How did Cousins Maine Lobster become an American Culinary Icon? | Enterprise Wired
Source – Cousins maine lobster

Among all the states, California is acclaimed for its diverse culinary scene and discerning food enthusiasts. The state offered an exciting opportunity for Cousins Maine Lobster to proliferate their business and increase their reach. The expansion of their company to California marked an important milestone in its journey. Cousins brought the original taste of Maine’s lobster to people’s homes by opening food trucks and restaurant locations in the Golden State. 

The coastal charm of Maine’s water has been the mainstream part of the lives of people living on the West Coast. People went crazy after its taste when the lobster was served in various restaurants. Residents of California are known for their special affection toward innovative cuisines. They embraced the lobster rolls and other offerings quickly, which validated that their appeal was not limited to just the East Coast. 

A Culinary Icon with Staying Power

In the food industry, Cousins Maine Lobster is more than just a food or restaurant chain, it has become a culinary icon to represent the American dream and the entrepreneurial spirit among youths. Its success story has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to make efforts and follow their passion to turn their dreams into reality and earn profitable businesses. 

Sabin and Jim bring legitimacy and commitment to attribution that every lobster dish being served under their brand has earned a loyal customer base. More than its delicious offerings, Cousins Maine Lobster incarnates the idea of a food truck business with hard work, vision, and the right support so that everyone can achieve their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. They are expanding their presence nationwide and emerged as a transforming example of how a simple concept rooted in transition can catch the attention of millions of hearts and make people proud of it.  Having a humble beginning in ‘Shark Tank’, Cousins Maine Lobster is thriving in the food business and maintaining its authenticity worldwide. 

What is so special about the lobster?

Watching other food trucks roadside in the country, you might be thinking, what’s so special about Cousins Maine Lobster? It is more than just a food truck business. It is a remarkable tale of gourmet passion and the ambitious spirit of two brothers. Try to imagine how Sabin Lomac and Jim Tseliki hail from the picturesque state of Maine where, for people, lobster is not just a food but also a way of life. Their journey started with a dream to spread the original taste of Maine lobster to the rest of the nation. Along with the salty breeze of the Atlantic Ocean in their memories and the taste of fresh lobster in their hearts, these cousins embarked on the adventurous journey of sharing their traditions on the streets of America. 

Their bold decisions and determination in their hearts pitched their vision to the formidable panel of investors. What differentiates Cousins Maine Lobster from their competitors is its dedication to authenticity. They source their lobsters fresh from the Maine cold waters and ensure that every bite captures the true essence of this celebrated crustacean. Therefore, each dish including lobster tots, lobster bisque, lobster rolls, etc consists of the flavors of the coastal charm of Maine. 

Branches of Cousins Maine Lobster 

How did Cousins Maine Lobster become an American Culinary Icon? | Enterprise Wired
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Pitching the idea in ‘Shark Tank’, wealthy investors can help you to make your American Dream come alive and reshape the food industry. Cousins Maine Lobster is expanding its presence across the United States in addition. It is having presence in major cities and regions. Here are a few examples of its locations: 

  • California: In California, Cousins Maine Lobster has a significant presence along with food truck and restaurant locations in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.
  • New York: In the bustling metropolis City of New York, it is easy to find a food truck with snacks and certainly Cousins Maine Lobster is not an exception. They are serving many food trucks and restaurants with delicious lobster dishes. 
  • Texas: In Texas, there are major cities like Dallas and Houston where you will see many lobster food trucks and restaurants.  
  • Florida: Sabin and Jim are serving Cousins Maine Lobster to the Sunshine State with food trucks and restaurant offerings. 
  • New England: Serving the authentic taste of Maine lobster, there is a significant presence of lobster food trucks in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

To increase the reach of their business Cousins Maine Lobster participates in events, food festivals, and fairies. It helps them to keep an eye on different marketing strategies

According to location, food choices keep changing and hence it is important to study the market. Cousins Maine Lobster keeps updating about their new dishes on their social media platforms. Whether you are living on the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere else, you get to enjoy the original taste of lobster. From catering to mobile apps to franchising, the progress of the company is truly mesmerizing. Its fresh products from Maine bring sustainability to its business and promote the famous “Family business” mentality among people.

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