BuggyBeds: The Ongoing Fight Against Bed Bugs

BuggyBeds: The Ongoing Fight Against Bed Bugs | Enterprise Wired

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In the quiet places where we sleep, there’s an old problem hiding in our beds – those little bugs called bed bugs. When it gets dark, these irritating bugs come out and bother us while we sleep. But there’s a solution —BuggyBeds. It is a silent protector that has a clever way to stop those night bugs.

Imagine a world where you can sleep peacefully without any bugs bothering you. It is like a superhero for your sleep, making sure you have sweet dreams without any itchy bug surprises. Say hello to a new way of sleeping, where you can feel cozy, and the bugs have to find a new place to hide. In this article, you will read about the ‘Shark Tank’ winners ‘BuggyBeds’ and their journey to becoming one of the most successful brands.

How did BuggyBeds started?

Maria Curcio and Veronica Perlongo started BuggyBeds. They came up with the idea because they saw a need for a cheap, useful, and safe way to detect bed bugs early. Maria knows a lot about finance and real estate, while Veronica is good at international business and marketing. Together, they had the right skills to make an innovative product.

BuggyBeds: The Ongoing Fight Against Bed Bugs | Enterprise Wired
Source- buggybeds.com

The creators noticed how bed bugs could harm property values and the real estate market. They saw the increasing problem of bed bugs worldwide and wanted to make something that could find them early and stop big infestations. Inspired by their experiences and wanting to meet a market need, Curcio and Perlongo came up with the idea for BuggyBeds. Even before going on Shark Tank, they started promoting the product and got it into some stores.

Appearing on Season 4 of Shark Tank gave it a chance to share its product with more people and get the funding to make more, reach more places, and improve how it tells people about it. All five Sharks, including Mark Cuban, saw the potential and gave them an offer. The money and advice from the Sharks helped BuggyBeds become a top choice for pest control.

Early Success Before Shark Tank:

Before going on Shark Tank, BuggyBeds had begun promoting their product and had some success. Their bed bug detection system was already available in several stores. But, being a small business, they needed to figure out how to grow and reach more customers, facing challenges with getting bigger and distributing their product.

Before going on Shark Tank, Maria Curcio and Veronica Purlongo aimed to make their business bigger. Even though they had a great product, they needed money and helpful partnerships to make more, send it to more places, and tell people why it’s valuable. Being on Shark Tank let them get the investment and guidance they needed to reach these goals.

The BuggyBeds Pitch on Shark Tank:

In Season 4 of Shark Tank, Maria Curcio and Veronica Purlongo, founders of BuggyBeds, shared their new system to catch bed bugs early. They talked about how big a problem bed bugs are and why finding them early is crucial to avoid expensive troubles.

They showed off the main things about their product, BuggyBeds. They explained how the traps work with a special glue to attract and catch bed bugs. These trap mats can be easily placed under mattresses, couch cushions, or other spots where bed bugs might be.

BuggyBeds: The Ongoing Fight Against Bed Bugs | Enterprise Wired

Curcio and Purlongo pointed out that it is safe for homes with kids and pets because it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t use pesticides. They asked for $125,000 in exchange for 7% of it, valuing the company at almost $1.8 million.

The Sharks liked the pitch, and something special happened – all five of them, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec, worked together to offer $250,000 for a 25% share of the brand. The founders said yes, and it became a successful and memorable moment on Shark Tank.

The journey after Shark Tank

After getting support from all five Sharks on Shark Tank, BuggyBeds became very successful. Many people noticed them after being on the show, and the money from the Sharks helped them grow. BuggyBeds added more products to their collection, including liners for luggage, bands to repel mosquitoes, pouches, hair bands, and keychains.

The company made more products and got it into many stores across the country and around the world. The guidance and support from the Sharks also helped them improve how they advertise and run their business.

In 2024, the brand is doing well and is a successful business, making $4.2 million each year. It became famous in pest control, and more people bought their product as they learned about its advantages. Many homeowners, property managers, and travelers liked the early detection system, finding it helpful against bed bug issues.

Is This Brand Still In Business?

BuggyBeds: The Ongoing Fight Against Bed Bugs | Enterprise Wired
Source- List25

It is still doing well and selling various products like devices to detect bed bugs, liners for luggage, and things to repel mosquitoes. You can find BuggyBeds items on their website, Amazon, True Value, Target, and other stores. Even though certain products might not always be available, the company makes about $4.2 million in sales each year and plans to stay active in the fight against bed bugs.



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