A Little Extra’s Quirky Shark Tank Experience

A Little Extra’s Quirky Shark Tank Experience | Enterprise Wired

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Everyone loves a little quirkiness and fun in their lives, but have you ever heard of quirky jewelry? Maybe you have. How about quirky and vibrant jewelry that connects with your emotions and personality? Now that’s a little new. 

That’s what ‘A Little Extra’ is. A women-led quirky and handmade jewelry brand that makes accessories based on mood, personality, elements, and occasions. Their jewelry adds ‘a little extra’ to your personality with their unique and fun earrings like fire, cool, chili, and many more having quotes or memes. They also have hand and hair accessories that are elegant as well as bold and vibrant.

Overview of the Brand & How It Started

Founder – Diksha Singhi

Founded In – 2020

Headquarters – Delhi

Current Instagram followers – 240K

Website – https://alittleextra.co.in/

A Little Extra’s Quirky Shark Tank Experience | Enterprise Wired
Source- a little extra

Diksha Singhi, the founder of A Little Extra was born and raised in Guwahati, Assam then moved to Delhi in 2013 for higher studies. She has always been a fun-loving, chill person who loves adding something extra to her life. Being a plus-size woman, who struggled to find clothes for herself, she tried to complete her looks with earrings and accessories. That’s how her love for jewelry grew.

When the pandemic hit and she went back to her hometown, contemplating what to do next, starting a jewelry business came to her mind, and ‘A Little Extra’ started in August 2020 with an initial investment of INR 5,000. 

The brand started by selling terracotta earrings in 2020 on Instagram and now has reached over 240k followers with a good online presence and a few offline presence as well. While giving an interview to The Better India, she said, 

“Most of the jewelry made at ‘A Little Extra’ has a ‘distinctive element’ to it. If you buy conventional jewelry, they’re either stone-based or they have a certain design or aesthetic. We wanted to make jewelry specific for an occasion, emotion, or lifestyle. 

For example, if it’s Navratri, what better than to wear our ‘Durga earrings’ that are colorful, bright, and have the chunkiest elements of shell, mirror, beads, etc? If you want to watch a football match in a stadium, cheering for your favorite team, why just wear those regular earrings? Why not wear earrings shaped and designed like a football?”

90% of A Little Extra’s jewelry is handmade and is available at an affordable price. With the hope of making her brand’s presence stronger online and offline and expanding the business, she went to Shark Tank in 2024.

A Little Extra’s Quirky Shark Tank Experience | Enterprise Wired
Source-a little extra

A Little Extra’s Shark Tank Pitch

Before appearing on Shark Tank, they had a viral presence on Instagram with over 100k followers. The founder, Diksha Singhi asked for INR 48 Lakhs for 6% equity. Here’s how the whole pitch went.

The pitch started with Diksha telling about her story and how her brand got established in 2020. She shared her life details, how she was always extra, and what led to starting this unique jewelry line. She said in her pitch, “My extra size, my extra personality is my X factor. With my X Factor, I started A Little Extra!” 

Following were the questions sharks asked her.

  • Namita Thapar asked her about what extra her jewelry brings to the table and why someone would choose her brand over other competitors.

Diksha said that through her jewelry people aren’t just choosing something quirky but a piece that connects with their emotions. Like the ‘cool’ earring she was wearing because she was feeling cool and confident. Similarly, there are many pieces of jewelry, like Durga earrings for Navratri, fire, fruits shaped, quoted ones like dog mom, mom to be, and so on. 

  • Aman Gupta asked about her career background and how she got into this business. He also asked her about the pricing model, how she sells and what is the user journey.
A Little Extra’s Quirky Shark Tank Experience | Enterprise Wired
Source – Amazon. in

She answered that she is the main person behind the brand despite her husband being a Chartered Accountant. She further explained her journey and then talked about her brand. She said that all her jewelry is budget-friendly. They have sold 80,000 products at an average price of Rs. 450 and their customer repeat rate is around 17-18%.

  • Vineeta Singh asked her how many unique designs they have that no other brand is doing.

Diksha said that around 75% of their designs are unique and handcrafted and showed them all the quoted and unique jewelry that the Sharks loved.

She shared all the revenue and numbers of her business and her future plans for ‘A Little Extra’. She told the sharks that by far, she has a limited presence on Instagram, her website, and a few stores and wants to expand it on big platforms like Amazon, Mynta, and more offline stores. 

The sharks were really impressed with the products and her pitch. Aman Gupta even joked with her, quoting,  “I don’t like your products (pause), I love your products.” Following were the offers sharks made.

A Little Extra’s Quirky Shark Tank Experience | Enterprise Wired

Deeksha Singhi went with Anupam and Vineeta’s revised offer of 60 lakhs for 7.5% equity at the valuation of Rs. 8 crores.

Diksha Singhi’s Future Plans for the Brand

After acquiring the deal with Anupam and Vineeta, she plans to scale the brand at a threshold of 100 crores in revenue and slightly increase the price while making sure they are still affordable to their customers. Further, she wants to expand the product range, strengthen the online presence, have a bigger team, and explore offline retail options. 



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