Vivek Bhole: The Architect of the Future Shaping the Architecture Industry 

Vivek Bhole - Shaping the Architecture Industry | Vivek Bhole Architects | Enterprise Wired

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In the context of business leadership navigating the continuously evolving terrain of industry trends and global markets, it is essential to remain cognizant of the fluidity of leadership styles that will define the future. In 2024, Enterprise Wired has identified a select group of influential leaders who are poised to make significant waves in their respective fields. Among them stands Vivek Bhole, the Chairman & Managing Director of Vivek Bhole Architects Pvt Ltd. With a keen eye for innovation and a track record of transformative projects, he exemplifies forward-thinking leadership in the architectural realm. As you delve into the profiles of these influential leaders, we assure you that you will gain valuable insights and inspiration from his leadership journey. 

Seizing Opportunities for Growth and Diversification

Vivek Bhole, a seasoned architect, emphasizes the significance of seizing opportunities for professional advancement. His journey began with a partner on projects, eventually leading to independent ventures. Despite initial roles centered on liaisoning, he transitioned into design-focused responsibilities. Opportunities, like his first redevelopment project in 1995 and ventures into interior design for jewelry showrooms, propelled his career forward. Notably, an offer to design a mall led him to study abroad, expanding his expertise. Subsequent projects in malls paved the way for hotel and hospitality ventures. 

Vivek’s career exemplifies the importance of seizing opportunities for growth and diversification. As an architect, he notes the surge in high-rise projects due to increased FSI. Notably, completing One Avighna Park bolstered the reputation of the company, leading to over eighty ongoing projects. He views each project as a milestone, fostering team growth and benefiting VBA as a whole.

Vivek’s Architectural Journey

Vivek began his business in 1993, starting in a modest 180 square feet rented apartment where his family also lived. With just one computer and two staff members, his company took shape. Over time, they expanded to larger spaces, eventually reaching an impressive 50,000 square feet. The company’s growth isn’t just in infrastructure but also in the people who’ve risen from assistants to partners, empowered to drive progress. Vivek emphasizes the importance of identifying and empowering the right individuals for success.

Reflecting on his journey, Vivek recognized his leadership potential early. His interest in architecture sparked in 8th grade, aiding his decision to pursue the field. Working at an architect’s office during holidays provided valuable experience, setting him ahead. Under the mentorship of Mrs. Hema Sankalya, he honed his personality and confidence, preparing him for professional independence. He credits the influence of mentors, environment, and reading materials for shaping his leadership skills. Vivek asserts that leadership is earned, not given, and hinges on influence rather than dominance. He describes a progressive journey where leadership evolves from organizational authority to mentoring, ultimately transcending professional and personal realms to inspire others broadly.

Beyond the Rat Race: Vivek’s Path to Market Leadership

As a leader, Vivek faces the challenge of delegated power being misused. Instances arise where individuals misuse authority for personal gain, causing losses. He emphasizes the importance of instilling the right values through organizational culture. Without moral boundaries, misuse of power is likely. Establishing a strong cultural framework is crucial to prevent the exploitation of delegated authority. Since childhood Vivek has been passionate about reading, finding wisdom and inspiration in books. He values how reading enhances imagination, unlike passive visual media. Traveling and meeting new people also enriched his learning. Vivek credits books and communication for nurturing his independent thinking and personal growth.

Vivek’s coding hobby led to utility software applications enhancing productivity. Innovating architectural designs set Vivek Bhole Architects apart. Like in-house 3D rendering, forward and backward integration improved services and turnaround times. The company expanded its expertise into sectors like hospitality and interior design. Vivek, deeply tech-savvy, champions innovation. He, along with his team, fosters a culture of ingenuity. Together, they research software potentials and pursue new aesthetic heights, showcasing their dedication to research and development.

From Sparks to Success

As Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” Vivek’s partnership initially sparked project opportunities, even though his partner moved on. Motivated to continue, he secured small jobs through networking and a positive reputation. Word-of-mouth referrals fueled his successful business establishment within three years, propelling his career forward. Vivek acknowledges the allure of architectural entrepreneurship but had a transformative perspective shift through reading. Introduced to Marathi books by his brother, he later delved into English novels, notably finding inspiration in “Atlas Shrugged.” Despite family dependence on his income, the novel’s message spurred him to leap into entrepreneurship, undeterred by risks.

Vivek emphasizes the importance of collaboration in architecture. His company has formed partnerships with stakeholders and engaged in joint ventures with firms across multiple cities, adapting the approach to project needs. This strategy broadens horizons through collaborative efforts.

Highlighting the challenge of ensuring continuity in architectural firms, according to Vivek the firm may stagnate after the retirement of the Principal Architect. Inspired by successful practices abroad, Vivek Bhole Architects invested in the future by appointing young talents as Directors and preparing the second generation. 

Technological Disruption to Shape Tomorrow 

Vivek observes the decline of many once-prominent companies, attributing it largely to technological stagnation. He stresses the importance of driving growth through technological innovation to maintain a competitive edge. Failing to adapt to technological advancements can spell doom for businesses. As an architect, Vivek acknowledges the perpetual demand for shelter, a fundamental human need. However, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), industries, including architecture, face potential disruption. He emphasizes the necessity of leveraging technology to secure a sustainable future, aiming to be among those who both manufacture and effectively utilize new technologies.

Architecture has a significant impact on societal dynamics. Vivek Bhole Architects is committed to improving the lives of individuals in the lower-income segment. Specializing in mass housing and urban redevelopment projects throughout the city, the company prioritizes sustainability and societal advancement to create a meaningful difference.

Choosing the Difficult Path 

The real estate industry in India is anticipated to undergo significant expansion over the next decade. Projections suggest that by 2047, India’s real estate sector will reach a value of $5.8 trillion, making up 15.5 percent of the total economic output, a notable increase from the current 7.3 percent. This growth hinges on a substantial upsurge in the real estate sector. Additionally, the government is considering granting industry status to the real estate sector, a move expected to further boost its growth. The initial phases of this upward trajectory have already been observed. 

Vivek Bhole Architects foresees an imminent increase in projects and opportunities, and its team is fully prepared for this. Its existing office can expand four times its current size, able to handle the anticipated rise in workload. Furthermore, the company is dedicating substantial resources towards adopting new technologies like parametric design and Building Information Modeling (BIM), investing both financially and temporally in these endeavors. 

With India’s real estate sector projected to grow significantly, the company anticipates a surge in opportunities. Vivek underscores the inevitability of competition in every industry. He advises choosing the difficult path to establish and sustain a monopoly longer. Aspiring leaders must prioritize attitude and hard work, indispensable qualities for success.



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