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During our search, we came across Elinor Stutz, a remarkable and captivating female business owner of Smooth Sale. She serves as an inspiration for both seasoned professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. Let’s delve into her background and activities.

Elinor Stutz has established a name for herself in the corporate world while achieving incredible feats. Her story is truly fascinating.

I refer to my sales approach as “Bottoms Up!” and I’ll begin with your last question, as you will understand “my why” as the story unfolds.

One of my favorite phrases is “Believe, Become, Empower.”

Believe in yourself, tap into your potential, and inspire others to achieve similar success!

Through a near-death experience, two visions came to me. While lying on a stretcher with an “irreparable broken neck,” I immediately responded with a resounding “Yes” when I saw the vision of a figure speaking to audiences worldwide from a mound. Then, my entire body was surrounded by a beautiful golden light, assuring me that I would survive.

The first vision disappeared, and a second vision appeared in the form of a life report card. My left side received excellent ratings, but the right side, labeled “Community Service,” was embarrassingly blank. At that moment, I made a commitment to support communities in any way I could. The golden light gradually faded, blinking once more to assure me that everything would be alright.

I received a lot of medication before the surgery, and I was taken aback when the surgeon said, “Mrs. Stutz, when you wake up, most likely, you will be paralyzed.” I expected words of encouragement, but instead, he offered a grim prediction.

“Most probably?” He had no idea that I would survive. In response, I used his own words and said, “Doctor, I FULLY expect to be well when I wake up!” Hours later, as he stood over me, he declared that in four days, I would leave the hospital on my own. The entire staff on duty came to see “the walking miracle.”

Speaking up and utilizing my sales abilities saved my life!

It took me years to make sense of what had transpired, but I never lost sight of my commitment to assisting others in the community.

Sales Experience and Smooth Sale

I was the only salesperson I knew who showed respect to security guards and workers in the basement of businesses. Everyone I interacted with described me as “a breath of fresh air.”

This approach helped me gain access to the C-Suite of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Each year, I consistently outperformed my male counterparts, which made them feel embarrassed. As a result, management assigned my new clients to the other salespeople and tripled my quota for the following year. Consequently, I had to interview for new jobs annually. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the job interview process is similar to the sales cycle.

I started at the bottom of the pyramid on all-male teams to prove that women can sell and excel.

Smooth Sale represents the idea of earning a returning and referring clientele. I teach this concept through writing, speaking, and training.

Community service became the cornerstone of my work. It began with teaching job seekers how to sell themselves in interviews, which led to the publication of my book, “HIRED! How To Use Sales Techniques To Sell Yourself On Interviews,” by Career Press.

Social media became a lifeline for me when I moved to a town where no one understood my purpose, passion, and perseverance. A marketing guru taught me the power of collaboration instead of fierce competition. I quickly learned how to attract interest online rather than trying to sell aggressively.

By following this sage advice, Kred recognized me as a Top 1% Influencer and dedicated a page to my work.

Furthermore, before the pandemic, I tailored my near-death story to apply to the business world, delivering inspiring keynotes that received standing ovations every time.

Social media has aligned my life’s journey as I connect with people globally (travel has always been a part of my life), offering opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a similar purpose.

Tell us About Your Team

Passion, purpose, and perseverance have been essential to my success. As an older female, I faced scorn and predictions of failure, with some believing I had nothing valuable to offer.

But I am not one to quit; instead, I find a better way to move forward. The mistreatment in the corporate sales environment drove me to succeed in my own entrepreneurial journey.

As time went on and people urged me to give up, I became even more determined to continue. Moving to a different location didn’t help with acceptance in person, but I discovered incredible support online, beyond what I had expected.

Community service grew into a popular blog, and as a solo entrepreneur, collaborating with others to share business-related content has contributed to exponential growth. Through the Twitter platform, I connected with my remote team, who are dedicated to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, which are important to me as well. I currently serve on the Social Media Committee for the Inclusion Allies Coalition.

Greg Jenkins is leading the committees today, and he invited me to join. His brief description is “Helping leaders understand the value of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to enhance team & organizational outcomes.” His LinkedIn profile emphasizes #equality, #veterans, #diversity, #inclusion, and #leadership. Greg started in this field during his overseas military service.

What Products or Services Does Smooth Sale Focus on? How Are They Different?

Smooth Sale’s products and services stand out from others in the market. We embrace transparency, sharing my early struggles and how I overcame barriers to achieve what matters most to me. In our books, speeches, and training, we encourage authenticity to build an admired brand and effortlessly attract the desired clientele.

While facing challenges, I developed a philosophical perspective and compiled a Quotes Booklet. Some examples include:

“Integrity is the soul of sales and everything you do.”

“Tomorrow is a blank canvas, begin painting your future today.”

“We each have one life to live; it’s our duty to live life without regret.”

My approach to selling is not about pushing products but about actively listening, striving for a deeper understanding, and asking as many questions as necessary to uncover what’s on the prospect’s mind. Smooth Sale is about earning a returning and referring clientele.



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