Nivea – Mom’s Touch: A Gripping Campaign 

Nivea - Mom's Touch: A Gripping Campaign | Enterprise Wired

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Nivea is a brand that carries a legacy of its own. Founded in the year 1911 by Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, the beauty and skin-routine brand is often the go-to choice for people. With operations in over 200 countries, it is the first-ever oil-and-water-based cream brand with over 50 products to choose from. The main focus of the brand was on women which caught their attention too. The brand repositioned itself and launched the category Nivea Men. With its exceptional ability to craft marketing campaigns, the brand was successful and came out with flying colors. 

Being a global brand, it’s famous for its ad campaigns and marketing strategies. Regardless of facing the competition and hardships Nivea continued to introduce umbrella brands. The concept of marketing mix is what they use efficiently to bring various strategies to the table. It helps immensely to reach a substantial amount of the population.

Brands as big as Nivea come up with influential Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities trying to bring in a change within the society at large. The ideation is well-implemented and the message is loud and clear in such campaigns. As brands have the power to bring about a change in society, to empower people, and to spread awareness on some social issues, brands strive their level best to implement such campaigns. 

One such campaign was the Nivea- Mom’s Touch campaign. The campaign is aimed at appreciating the extraordinary efforts moms take for their kids to succeed. A lot of mothers go through immense hardships to ensure that their children get the basic education. The way mothers exert themselves often goes unnoticed. This campaign is a way for Nivea to spread the message of care towards moms. 

Here are the commercials in this campaign:

1. Children’s Testimonials

Nivea - Mom's Touch: A Gripping Campaign | Enterprise Wired

A film conceptualized by Interface Communications honors the sacrifices made by mothers to send their children to school. A school run by Aseema Charitable Trust in Maharashtra is shown. Students of this school say loving words for their hardworking mothers who toil tirelessly to send their children to school. Four mothers sit in front of the television while they are shown their respective child’s testimonials. The film starts with soft music and scenes of children studying and enjoying school. It ends up in tears and embraces. 

2. Saath Foundation: Gujarat

Several urban centers of India exist without enough resources and their families struggle to secure the future of their children. Such children become the risk of being neglected or become victims of child labor too. Nivea, through their CSR program Mom’s Touch collaborated with the Saath Foundation to salute the efforts of these super moms. In this initiative, the children who have full attendance monthly ration is provided to the mothers to support their children’s education. The impact of this initiative was that 270 mothers of a school in the Behrampura slum area are currently provided with ration.  

3. #SentuhanIbu: Indonesia

For a child to develop emotional and physical contact is important. It helps kids to notice signs of love and affection. Under the motto #Sentuhanlbu, Nivea Indonesia has launched the initiative to support mothers of handicapped children. It takes quite a lot to nurture a handicapped child who can’t do anything on his own for a long time, or forever.

A video of these mothers helping their kids do various tasks while caressing them is shot in a very natural way. The “touch of a mother” was the main element that was highlighted. “A mother’s touch” is healing was the message in this. Alongside, this was also a shoutout for the mothers’ of handicapped kids. The video received 1 million clicks in only 1 month. 

4. A mother and son commercial

Nivea - Mom's Touch: A Gripping Campaign | Enterprise Wired
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Under the Mom’s Touch campaign, Nivea has shot another commercial. It shows a mother instructing her 7 to 8-year-old son to not play in excessive Sun and casually says she’ll not be there forever to tell him that. The son with a sad face asks are you going to leave me and go away? The mother notices the son’s hesitation and cheers him up by applying the cream on his hands, the tip of his nose, etc. Even the son playfully applies the cream to his mother’s nose. With soothing violin music playing in the background, the ad becomes more impactful. 

Marketing Mix of Nivea

Nivea is a personal care products brand with an association with the FMCG sector. The brand was founded by Paul Carl Beiersdorf in the year 1882 and was launched into the commercial market in the year 1911. At present it is a subsidiary of its parent company Beiersdorf Global AG, as with time the ownership has changed many hands. It is an established brand name in beauty and skin care products. The brand faces ferocious competition from several other brands: 

  • Lakme
  • Vaseline
  • Ponds
  • Edgewell
  • Amka Products
Nivea - Mom's Touch: A Gripping Campaign | Enterprise Wired

1. Product in the Marketing Mix of Nivea

Nivea has been immensely successful in positioning itself as a skincare brand. As a wellness brand-giant, it is well-accepted among the target audiences. Initially, the brand offered products for women but entered the men’s beauty space too. The diversification was done to target men and women of all age groups. Their innovative products in the beauty and skin-care segment have gained acclamation due to their high quality. Nivea produces and promotes products related to the following categories:

  • Face care- Face Cleaning, Lip Care
  • Body care – Deodorant, Shower, Hand and Body care
  • Men – Deodorant, Moisturizer, Shaving
  • Sun – After sun, Sun spray, Sun lotion

2. Popular products in its product kitty include-

  • Nivea Soft Rose
  • Nivea Peach Shine
  • Nivea Crème Care Shower Gel
  • Nivea Original Care
  • Nivea After Shave Lotion
  • Nivea Nourishing Body Milk
  • Nivea Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser
  • Place in the Marketing Mix of Nivea:

Nivea has operations in over 200 countries with its headquarters in Hamburg Germany. The company has also set up a full-fledged skin research center in Hamburg. It has a strong powerful distribution channel that makes the product available to the customers’ demands. The logistics network is cost-effective and helps to keep down the costs with the services of retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. It has a centralized distribution point. Products from various manufacturing units arrive at a point and further, it is delivered to retail outlets. The company does not interact with small retailers but takes the help of wholesalers for cost-benefits. Products are also available online. 

3. Price in the Marketing Mix of Nivea

Being a successful brand it has increased the market value by adapting to well-defined pricing strategies. It has targeted the middle-class section of society to garner maximum customers for its products. As the prices are reasonable it has been able to reach a wide audience. Nivea has adopted a constant pricing policy with its retailers while selling the product to them.

It is then up to the retailers to craft a pricing strategy suitable for them. Similar to the brand, most retailers have adopted an affordable pricing model to keep the revenues coming. To attract new customers and maintain previous ones, the retailers offer several incentives like discounts, gifts, free products, and minimum prices on bulk purchases. 

4. Promotion in the Marketing Mix of Nivea

Nivea has become a household product due to its excellent advertising policies. The blue and white color on the packs has become synonymous with the brand and has proved itself for high brand visibility. It has just the right taglines like 100 years of skin care for life and it helps protect your skin. The brand has launched several ad campaigns via print, digital, beauty magazines, and television. Its online presence is felt via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

In the year 2008, it became the sponsor of Times Square New Year’s Ball Drop and later Carson’s Countdown on New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. Nivea knows the importance of influencer marketing too. Celebrity personalities like singer Natasha Bedingfield, actor Arjun Rampal for Nivea Men, and actor Anushka Sharma for women’s products have been featured in their ad commercials. 


Innovation has always been a leading force for Nivea. Deep research has helped them to make groundbreaking formulations and have implemented them well too. The decision to diversify to men’s products is a masterstroke. The brand emphasizes cutting-edge ingredients while keeping products accessible for consumers at affordable prices is a skill the brand has mastered. Their global reputation is for their reliability and effectiveness. Consumers are very happy with the product range the brand offers. From moisturizers to cleansers and sunscreens the product range itself is a competitive advantage for the brand.



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